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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Practicing Avoidance


Today starts the first day of National Blog Posting Month. Check the ticker on the left for more information but basically it means I will be posting every day through the month of November.

I meant to get right up and post this morning so I wouldn't have to worry about it all day long but I have been avoiding things lately. What things? Oh, everything. I don't know why. I just have no energy to do...anything. I have a to do list that has at least 10 things on it, and what do I do instead? Lay on the couch and read a book while Butterfly does a puzzle. I had my scrap booking buddy come over yesterday and one of her kids left a pencil at my house. You would think that Butterfly had found gold. She has been drawing all day with it and it has enabled me to once again, ignore my list. Considering it's 9pm, I now have the energy to call back all these people that are calling me, throw in a load of laundry, and maybe pick up some toys. Maybe. But first! My blog!

Let's see...I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about, that I had been saving for this month to talk about. Most of the posts I have deal with pictures and I just haven't uploaded them from my hard drive yet. Hey, look! Avoidance again!

Juice and Butterfly are sick. They have that nasty cough I had. Butterfly has also sprouted 2 brand new molars on the bottom. It makes me think back to her very first tooth that appeared on Halloween 2 years ago. She has been cross (in the extreme) and refuses to nap. So of course, by 4pm, she is a tantrum throwing, horn sprouting, where-is-your-father-he-better-not-be-late-today kind of kid. And of course, since Juice is sick, all he wants to do is lie down. I'll admit, he does do some stuff but I think it's mostly because I look like I'm about to run away when he comes home some nights. I just want all of us to get better. I hate being sick but really, I hate Juice being sick worse.

Looks like it's time for me to go use some of this waining energy on something. See you tomorrow!



  1. Yeah !! I am going to like the month of Nov!! Can wait to have my daily reads! V was such a cute cheetah on Halloween! Totally adorable!
    Oh, I just started blogging, so if you want to pop in

  2. Yay a blog! :) Your girls were adorable, and happy birthday!

  3. Hey! I'm glad that our pencil has brought some joy. ;) Sorry that everyone has been sick (like I said Wed., I can relate!) I can also doubly relate with the frustration of having a sick spouse, esp when all you want is a little break in the evening. Maybe our 2-yr-olds can have a play date at my house some time soon...

    PS--I'm so excited to read your news everyday, eventhough I see you all the time. :)

  4. it always cracks me up how if jer is sick, he is out of commission. laying down, sleeping, can't do a thing... why don't I get to do that when i'm sick??? somehow everything still has to be done! so i usually just end up getting mad if jer is sick--poor guy :o)


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