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Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Today, since Juice was home again today (more on that later), I went upstairs to talk about nap time and what I needed to do while she was napping. It has been really nice to have Juice home during the day and I could go and run my errands while she was napping.

In any case, we were all in our computer room, and this is what we said:

Juice- "When is N-A-P?" (Spelling it out of course, or Butterfly flips)
Me- "Right now, that's why I came up here to T-A-L-K." (Totally teasing, of course.)
Juice- "Okay, so T-A-L-K."
Me- "I need to run to the S-T-O-R-E and get some food for Young Women's tomorrow." (A thing for church.)
Juice- "Alright."
Me- "And I really want some C-H-E-E-S-E F-R-I-E-S. So I'll get some while I am out."
Juice- (laughing) "G-O-O-D."
Me- (giving him a hug on the computer chair) "You need a H-A-I-R C-U-T."
Juice- "Yes, I thought I would wait until the C-O-U-G-H is better."
Me- "Ah, good I-D-E-A."

At which point Butterfly pipes up, "Yeah, that would be a good idea!"

Either she can spell or we say good idea a lot in this house. I'd like to believe it's the first reason. No, no, don't burst my bubble. It's the first reason. :) My child is a genius.



  1. You're kid can be just as brillant as mine, I'll let you.

  2. And she is almost as brillant as mine ;) Hahahaha!!!

  3. that is F-U-N-N-Y.

  4. Isn't it amazing how much kids catch, even when we think we're being sneaky??


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