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Saturday, November 24, 2007

LaVell Edwards Stadium


Turns out we do get one BYU game a year. (Where Juice and I both graduated from college. We have a passing interest in the out come of their football season.) The game we get is the big rival game between BYU and it's neighbor, University of Utah. Juice is happily using the DVR to watch the game in between playing with Butterfly and not missing anything.

I am enjoying the sight of the mountains we lived by for 3 years. I lived across the street from the stadium and on game day, the noise was deafening. I never did go to a game while we were at school, but I did my senior year with my best friend and her dad. He always had season tickets and they invited me along one time. A fun memory.

In any case, one interesting fact about the stadium: did you know that the largest collection of Jurassic era fossils in North America are stored under the stadium? Yeah, who knew?


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