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Monday, January 05, 2009

Activist Post


Yesterday while Juice and Butterfly were at church and the boys were napping (did I say I was able to get almost 3 hours to myself yesterday? No? Well, I did. It was great and went by way too fast.) Anyway, I came across a blog I like to read and she had a big article about the new safety law set to come into effect on Feb 10. The law basically states that anything sold to a child 12 and under has to be tested for harmful toxins. It also means that anything that is not tested will be considered toxic waste after Feb 10th. (Read a good article about it here.)

So what? You ask. Well, I'm a little heart sick at this news because it means that anything sold to children, even second hand stuff, will have to be tested. Most of the kids' clothes I get second hand. Most of their toys even. Babies go through their clothes so fast and they are barely used sometimes. My clothing budget is what it is. And if I have to buy new clothes with it (you can bet that prices for new clothes will go up because of all this testing), they will have 7 outfits and a Sunday outfit and that is it.

Want to do something about it? Check out these links to help.

Sign the petition.
Vote for it to bring to Obama's attention.
Write a letter to your congress.

It's a good law. I think our kids deserve to be as safe as possible. But I don't think this is the way to go about doing it.



  1. I wanted to make a post about this too. Do you mind if I copy it or link to your post? I am rarely one to get into politics, but this really scares me.

  2. I heard about this. I read your link. Where did you see the thing about second-hand clothes? Do they mean consignment shops and people on ebay that are selling clothes that have already been worn? I'm confused - but I'm not surprised!

  3. This is totally sad and also going to affect my business as well. Yes, from everything I've read it does mean consignment shops and people on ebay.

  4. Anonymous1:35 AM

    It's also a huge blow to the work-at-home-moms who make and sell cloth diapers and cloth diaper-related items; there's a lot of discussion about it on Diaperswappers these days. If the law passes, some of those WAHMs are going to be forced out of business because of the cost of testing their products and they will have to find a new job inside or outside of their home. So annoying how Congress overreats to everything and just makes a mess of it. Bah.

  5. Hi! You were ahead of me on roll call this morning at SITS and thought I would say hi! I had not heard of this law and I definitely don't like it! I buy a lot of secondhand as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yeah, I'm planning to hit up Kid-to-Kid in the next few weeks. Just another example of them not stopping to consider the consequences.


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