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Friday, January 23, 2009

Guess who?


A- Guess who didn't go to bed till after midnight last night?

B- Guess who decided to start her day off with chocolate?

C- Guess who found the stairs and went up about 4 before I found him?

D- Guess who took a nap today?

E- Guess who rode the metro for the 8th time in 4 days today?

F- Guess who cried all through dinner?

G- Guess who is growing?

H- Guess who went for a run today?

I- Guess who got the mail?

J- Guess who cries every time I put him down?

K- Guess whose pants are a good 2 inches too short?

L- Guess who needs his finger nails cut?

M- Guess who has had leftovers almost every day this week?

N- Guess who has not played the Wii in days?

O- Guess who is excited for Monday?

A- I didn't get home from book club till about midnight. We were having too much fun! When I got home, everyone was screaming for me except for Juice. He was in his bed with his head under his pillow. After talking to Butterfly about what I did with my friends (she woke up when I called Juice to tell him I was going to be late), feed both boys and got myself into bed it was around 1am. B- Because Butterfly was up so late, she woke up screaming with big dark circles under he eyes. She stopped crying when I suggested a piece of chocolate to get something in her. Worked. C- Mr. Mischief! AKA, Professor. So help me... D- We ALL took a nap today. Well, not Juice. E- Juice has been going downtown for work this week. He doesn't get home until 7pm every night. And it's going to be like this every day next week too. Sigh... F- Poor Pirate. G- I'm going to guess Pirate's problem is growing. He is very cross. H- Soot. The weather was so nice I figured we could all go for a walk and make some vitamin D from the sunshine. Soot ran around like she hadn't been out in weeks. Oh wait, she hasn't. I- Butterfly did! She put the key in, got it open, and took out every piece of mail one by one. There was a lot of mail. We haven't gotten the mail in days. J- This is another Pirate thing. He wants to nurse all day long but for tiny 3 second spurts at a time, because there are too many interesting things going on. So I won't let him and so he cries whenever I put him down. K- Butterfly! All of a sudden, you can see her ankles and the bottom part of her calves. Looks like it's time for new pants. L- Juice. At least, I'm assuming that's why he's cutting his nails right now. M- That would be me and Butterfly for dinner. Juice normally takes the leftovers to work with him for lunches but since he's been going downtown, he can't. So we've had leftovers every night but Monday and Tuesday. Good thing is that I have most of my meals for next week all ready. N- That would be me. Every time I turn it on, Butterfly is drawn to it and takes over. She loves the photo channel. O- Me! It's Chinese New Year and I get to order Chinese food for dinner. Yum!



  1. I'm just sorry to hear that everyone as crying for you when you got home. That's not a good way to end a fun and relaxing night!

  2. Wow! That is quite the list. Try Macy's for pants. Fred's were 9.99 each and they are very good brands that last. :) What size is she these days?

  3. What a list!! (((hugs))))

  4. Nuthin wrong with starting a day with chocolate!


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