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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lost the Blogging Mojo


I don't know why but today I feel like I have the most boring blog out there. Oh I post every day, but it's basically nothing. And I suppose that that is what life is...a whole lot of nothings put together to make a something. My mom told me an old quote: May you live in uninteresting times. I have stuff going on, it's just not all that interesting.

It could also be because my Internet is horribly slow on the lapple and I'm frustrated with it. Maybe I just need a change. I was thinking of doing a new banner at the top but I'm seriously no good with computer stuff like that and every time I've tried, it's come out horribly. So, same old same old. Which is okay. It's nice to have something I don't have to worry about.

Today was good. We went over to Lolli's house and I watched Mamma Mia for the first time. Very cute! I missed out on some stuff because of kids/babies but it's definitely a toe tapper. (Don't forget that Lolli is giving this movie away and you can win it from her!)

Professor was so cute at her house. He screamed all through his morning nap. Just couldn't stop pulling himself up and sobbed every time I put him back down. What happened to my good sleepers?! I want them back please. By the time I got him and Pirate up, into their coats, Butterfly dressed and in her coat, and out the door, Professor was done! He screamed at the top of his lungs until the car started. And then it got eerily silent from the back seat.

At Lolli's, Professor was almost asleep. But the second I pulled him out of his seat (which, by the way, is super annoying. I miss the big bucket seats.) he was wide awake. I set both boys down on the floor right as I came into Lolli's house. Professor rolled over, grabbed his binkie, and shut his eyes. He was out in that spot for a good two hours. Butterfly and AJ kept checking on him but he was out cold and didn't even stir for their prodding. He woke up as we were winding down to get ready to go.

Pirate, on the other hand, had a great time playing with the big toys and having apple bits for lunch and sitting with Mommy the whole time. He was cross when we left because he was tired! He fell asleep instantly at home in his bed and slept until about quarter to 5 when I woke him up.

Professor did not have an afternoon nap at the same time the other two did. Instead, he clung to me and cried whenever I put him down. He wanted me to play! And all I wanted to do was sit and not be climbed on!

Juice has some major project at work this week so he was late getting home. Which means I cooked dinner, fed the boys their dinner (butternut squash today), got them cleaned up, got Butterfly a snack because I burnt dinner, and started to get the boys ready for bed. Normally Juice is home during all of this. He typically will feed the boys as I make dinner. And I guess it's going to be like this the rest of the week too. One good thing, I think he may get Friday off.

Anyway, Professor went to sleep tonight in a wink. Pirate...not at all. He was the one who kept standing up in his crib and crying and crying.

I just had a thought. It's Monday right? Mondays are always icky because church throws everything off.

Yes, I've lost my mojo but I did type a whole lot today. Huh.



  1. Mojo or not, I still like reading. Even if I know everything already. :)

  2. I still read, I like to hear that your life is as boring and monotonous as mine. :)I love the fact that church throws off everything :)

  3. Hi there! Over from SITS! It is nice to have down boring times - it will pass :) hooooollllld on!


  4. Oh no - you don't have a boring blog! My blog is my baby book for the girls. I never did have time to write in one. This blog is pages and pages of memories you are giving them.

    If you want - you can email me a picture and I can photoshop a header for you! Just let me know!

  5. boring or not i al least know what is going on with you all. I may not be your neighbor anymore but i miss having you around and this helps. believe me what you are doing is not boring it is insuring a happy childhood for the furture of the world.

  6. i love coming by to check on the boys and butterfly. your mom is right!


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