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Friday, January 02, 2009

RSV Update


Looks like Pirate is out of the dark woods of RSV. New Year's Eve morning he woke up coughing and coughed with every single breath. He probably coughed for about an hour when I decided we should call the doctor again. Juice said to give him a blessing before going to the doctor. (A blessing is a special prayer in our church, specifically for helping the sick.) As we were waiting for another brother from our ward to come over to help, he coughed up a ton of mucus all over me. Seriously, I looked like I had been slimed like in Ghostbusters. But he perked right up shortly after that and has spent the last 2 days reminding us of his huge infectious smile and eating every two hours or so.

Professor, on the other hand, has decided that he's going to go into the shadow and will not let me put him down. Oh Daddy can hold him for a minute or two. But I better be coming back. At least I was able to make it to the bathroom by myself. And it was good that Daddy was home today. But he has spent the entire day strapped to my chest. He at least loves being wrapped and has napped/moaned/sobbed/coughed/screamed on me all day. I don't mind him being with me all day, especially since I was able to play skee ball on the Wii this afternoon, make dinner, do some grocery shopping, and play on the computer. A nice day for me. Not so nice for him.

I imagine Professor will pull out of it as Pirate did. Just hopefully a little less messy because that was really gross. I do foresee even more long nights a head of me. I am beat and a little foggy lately. I was up till 11pm last night with Juice organizing our movies (yes, it took that long) and then I was up at 2am, 4:30am until 6:30am, 7am and then dozed until about 8am when Juice brought me screaming Professor.

Hopefully I will go to bed earlier today and get a longer sleep. But until then, I am enjoying Pirate's smiles and laughs, enjoying Butterfly's joy in her toys, and enjoying the weight of Professor on me. These kids are so special...I would do anything to make them happy. It's what makes me happy.



  1. Glad to hear good news about Pirate. Not so good about Professor, but hopefully he will not be far behind.

  2. Sounds as if you have your hands full with very busy days & nights. Someday you will look back on it all though and wonder how the days flew by. Hope you all a very blessed New Year.

  3. you poor thing! my last winter in Md was full of illness between the two girls. it seems so unfair when your kids get back-to-back illnesses and you end up house bound for weeks on end. i will pray that the RSV exits quickly and that you'll be out and about with the kids soon! hang in there!!!!

  4. Awwww!! I hope everyone will be feeling better really soon and you can get some rest!

  5. So happy that the boys seem to be getting better, and hope that Professor makes a quick comeback soon. I don't know how you did twins with another child, too. We barely survived that first year with just the two of them!

  6. Hope the little ones get to feel better. I'm visiting from SITS and stopped by to say hello! Hope you have a great day.

  7. You poor dear! RSV is so scary when you're watching your babies suffer. We went through the same thing last year with my then 4-month-old. We spent a day in the hospital with a pediatric pulminologist (probably totally butchered the spelling on that!). Once he shook it, though, he was a child reborn.

    Thanks for visiting, SITSa.

  8. thank you for stopping by! your children are absolutely adorable! i truly hope that they start feeling better and that you start getting some sleep. :)


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