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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Following Family Lines


About a week ago (I believe on the day of the Inauguration), Juice and I were laying in bed in the morning with Pirate who had just woken up.  It was a rare moment between just the 3 of us.  We don't often get to be mommy, daddy, and one baby.  It was fun to see him sparkle with all of the attention.

We were playing peek a boo and he was giggling up a storm.  His mouth was a wide open grin, legs were kicking like he always does when he's happy or pleased with something, and we were all giggling.  Juice flipped the sheet over his face, and pulled it down.  "Peek-a-boo!"

Pirate laughed so hard.  And then, he said, "Peek-a-boo!" 

No joke. 

Juice and I looked at each other in amazement.  "Did I hear what I think I just heard?" he asked. 

"If you just heard him say peek-a-boo, then yes!"  I answered.

I was telling my mom this story the next day and she laughed.  Apparently, when she was 9 months old, her grandfather was playing peek-a-boo with her too.  He was reading his newspaper.  He would look over the edge, and say, "I see!"  Apparently my mom and my great-grandfather were having a great time with it, just as we were with Pirate.  She piped up and said, "I see!" right back to my great-grandfather. 

Pirate is following in his family's footsteps.



  1. Awwww, what a sweet story! He's obviously smart like his mom too!

    It is fun to have 2 parents and just one kid sometimes. Our girls are all loud and boisterous, but Sam is pretty quiet and laid back, he seems to come out of his shell when he has us all to himself.

  2. Aww, how sweet! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    That is so cool to have a verbal boy, and rare I think? Maybe he's a future writer or something? :)


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