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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mommy Help!


This is what I see every day now when I get the boys up from any kind of sleeping. Professor has learned to pull up on things and boy does he ever! And he loves to stand. Any way he can get closer to Pirate and play with him is good.

This is a slight problem though. Why you ask? Not because we need to put his crib mattress down and haven't yet (bad parents) but because he hasn't learned to sit down. So he gets himself stuck like this every time he pulls himself up. His little legs are shaking sometimes when I get to him they are so tired. Poor little guy. I remember Butterfly going through this as well. Nothing to be done but to let them pull up and learn to sit back down.

For the past three days, I've had to go rescue him at nap time. "Huma! Huma!" (This is what he calls me.) And he's right by the door and just ready to be picked up. So I've had to rock him till he's drowsy, and then put him down. Well, Pirate is right there too and I wake him up rocking sometimes and he's very unhappy that I'm not holding him. (Although we do have some great peek-a-boo games because I get close then far. Then close, then far. He loves it.)

The picture of Pirate is just too cute not to post.


PS- I think the boys are finally over RSV. Both have been sleeping through the night (BOTH! for 2 whole days!) I haven't had to wipe one nose in 2 days. So I'm saying we're free from contaminating people and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programing. Thank goodness. I am so tired of being at home.


  1. What cute guys! I'm happy to hear that they are sleeping again!

  2. WOW!!!! These are both such CUTE pictures!!! I totally remember that- when Madi would pull herself up to standing and then just stand there and CRY (with shaky legs) because she didn't know what to do next. Oh, I miss that stage!!! Glad to hear the boys are feeling better- allowing you to get some much needed shut eye!! :)

  3. Yippee! No more runny noses! I love the way that the boys are blossoming right now. So cute!

  4. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Don't the crib sets look cute! (And the boys, too!)-mom

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Poor Pirate with shaky legs, awwww... :( I hope he learns quickly! I'm so happy for you that they are over RSV so quickly!!!

  6. What a cutie. He'll learn before you know it!

  7. i love that picture!

    glad to hear they are finally feeling better! gotta love when they learn only half of what they need to know. :) he'll learn the other half quick enough!

  8. Oh my gosh - poor little thing. I remember Katie being about 6 months old an sitting up and getting her arm caught between the rungs. She couldn't get it out or lay back down. I was sleep training them (bad mommy!) and I was letting her cry, not realizing she kept falling asleep sitting up and when her body tried to fall down her arm was getting pulled. I felt soooooo guilty. It broke my heart and held her while she slept for a week.

    (I nominated you for an award! Come visit me to claim! :)


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