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Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Little Sunbeam


It was Butterfly's very first day in big kid primary. She is now a Sunbeam! (The name of the class she is in.) All week long we have been talking about her becoming a Sunbeam and singing "Jesus Wants me for a SunBEAM" as much as possible. Church time has changed from 1pm to 9am with the new year change (each congregation or ward rotates through the different times...there are 3 wards in our building so we have 3 times: 9am, 11am, 1pm). When she got up this morning she went marching around the house saying, "I'm a SunBEAM! I'm a SunBEAM!" It was very cute.

The boys are still coughing with bad runny noses so I stayed home with them. I was sad not to be able to pick her up from her very first Primary class and celebrate this milestone with her. She seemed to have a good time. Juice said she went right in and sat right down at her chair. No crying, no problems.

I did remember to take a bunch of pictures of her with her new dress from Costa Rica from my brother. So cute! And this is such a Butterfly expression. She is telling me a story and I asked her what was next. She said, "Hmmm..." and this is what I got. I love that dimple of hers.

When we first moved into this ward I was the Sunbeam teacher. I was pregnant with Butterfly at the time and sick. A lot. I think I maybe made it to church once a month. But I still remember all those kids. They seemed so big at the time! And now look, my Baby Girl is in there too. I think she is ready for this change. She told me that they got to sing songs and she even knew one. Oh, she also said that Daddy was late picking her up, but she was being a good helper picking everything up. (Daddy teaches his own class of 12-13 year old boys during the last hour.) So hopefully I'll be able to pick her up next week and she can tell me all about it.



  1. I was subbing for the CTR 7 class, so I watched our new sunbeams thru the entire sharing time. They did great! I was so impressed with our kids! No crying, no wiggling around. Lots of singing. AJ even raised his hand and answered a question! They're growing up!!

  2. I can't believe she is a sunbeam already. They grow up so fast don't they? Savannah is in the 11 year old class. Now doesn't that freak you out? She only has a year and 3 months left of primary and then she will be in Young Women's. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Love-Kathy

  3. Oh how fun! My CTR 5 managed to walk in and sit in her row with only sniffles and blinking eyes as opposed to the full blown screaming fit we've battled for a year now. :) I happy that your SunBEAM! made a much better transition.

  4. She's gotta be the cutest sunBEAM! ;)

  5. What a fun and exciting time! :)

  6. Anonymous1:30 AM

    That is the cutest stinkin' picture!

  7. What adorable little ones you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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