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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Trip North


We have started a new thing every month. We have been trying to have a monthly game night with friends to come over every second Friday. We've only had one. Other things have gotten in the way. BUT, we invited our old neighbors over every time we have it. Lavender (our old neighbor) liked it so much she decided to invite us over to her house every third Saturday.

I love going up there for the drive. They moved about an hour north of us in a little country town. (As country as it gets out here. Frankly, it's bigger than the town in Idaho that I went to college in when I was there 10 years ago.) It was founded in the 1700s and I love driving through main street and seeing all the old churches. They live out of town about 10 minutes and I always see horses and cows on the way out there.

We always bring Soot. As we cross the Catoctin River bridge, she starts to whine. She loves it out there as much as we do. Lavender has a pug of her own, and fosters cocker spaniels. She had a brand new foster today named Rusty. And apparently he is good with kids because he could care less about ours. He was very interested in Soot but she wanted nothing to do with him.

We played Uno tonight, and Butterfly won the very first game. Then she lost the other 3 times we played and cried big sobbing tears. "But I wanted to win! It's fun to win!" Ahhh, sore looser. She does have it right though, it's fun to win! She'll learn to be better with this eventually.

We had yummy tacos for dinner. Butterfly declared our meat better than Lavender's (sorry Lavender) and only ate tortillas. The boys did very well and we only had to take away the dogs toys from Professor three times and wash his hands from playing in the dog's water once. Pirate was so happy with the toys we brought him and was angelic. Butterfly entertained herself with the small dog openings in the gates Lavender has up and ordered the dogs around. Soot listens, and the rest of the dogs followed Soot around. It was cute.

All the kids fell asleep within minutes of getting into the van. Juice and I had a nice conversation on the way home. We got to see some snow! I believe this is the first snow fall for the boys that actually touched their skin. And that was only for a second as we bustled them into the car to get home.

We are looking forward to our next visit.



  1. So nice! I'm glad you had a fun time. When you are visiting Utah?

    (PS - I can't remember if I said this already, but you inspired me to organize my filing cabinet - my husband thanks you!)

  2. Sounds like so much fun!

  3. ah. I KNEW i could smell a fresh post on SOMEONES BLOG! IT WAS YOURS!! HOW FUN FOR YOU! Game night? tAcos? WHOA! I want home made TACOS!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm. That sounds so good to me right now! I wish i were pregnant so i could have a reason to make them for my self at oh... 937PM. RIGHT NOW!!!!

  4. there's nothing like a road trip through the county. drew and I used to love to do that on Sundays with Emma when she was little. then Kaley came along, and those road trips weren't pleasurable anymore! glad you guys had a good time.


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