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Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Filing Cabinet


In a random spurt of energy, I decided to clean out our filing cabinet. It's only a two drawer cabinet. Black, metal, and missing the handle of the bottom drawer. It's pretty dented in places. When we moved to Virginia, we put something heavy on the top and it did not do well on the cross country move. Juice took a towel and a hammer to it and put it back into shape. Sort of. We keep talking about getting a new one. A taller one. But it never happens. I do kind of like having just a tiny bit of storage because it forces me to keep it up to date and clean it out every once in awhile.

Like today.

After clearing out the year's receipts and things, Juice jumped in and starting pulling out all the folders. Wait, I was just going to do the top drawer, not the bottom one! But now that they were out, we had to do them. My favorite folders were the marriage licence folder and the love notes folder.

In the marriage licence folder you have our marriage licence (surprise surprise) but also a card from our sealer (the guy who married us) and what he said during the ceremony. We also had a ribbon that tied up our marriage certificate, and a schedule of the Jordan River Temple. It was fun to hold up everything for Juice to look at and to smile at the memories of the day.

In the love notes folder, there are a whole bunch of birthday, anniversary, baby shower cards. Juice was asking me where the more current anniversary cards were and I said we hadn't been getting each other those in awhile. He wanted to know why that was. Me too. Also in the folder are a ton of little tiny notes we wrote each other when we were first married. We were both in school. We had my old car Alex and I think I had two jobs and he had three. We planned our day around where we were going and who needed the car and where we were going to park the car so the other could pick it up. We had a note pad in the car and wrote short notes on how our days were going and how much we loved each other. It was cute and I'm glad we saved them.

Oh, I also found our list of kid names we made up as our final list long before we had any kids. We had three girl names and three boy names. We used one girl name. I don't like one any more and Juice doesn't like the other. We've used one boy name, and one boy middle name. My brother used the other boy name on the list. Those were some good names.

Because of this, the cabinet can now shut. Yay for progress! I have also found our wills and the deed to the house and re-organized our "house is burning down better grab this folder" folder.

In other news, we went grocery shopping today and it was SO COLD. If it's like this next week we are NOT going downtown. (The jury is still out on if we're going at all...Anie, find me at church and let's talk. Maybe we can all go together.)

And now, I'm going to go play rock band again. Love that game!



  1. Your love notes folder sounds like the shoe box I made ElCid not long after we married.I still give him an anniversary card but think I could write him everyday love notes more often. Good idea. ;)

  2. Sounds wonderful! Yeah, can you imagine being outside all day long on a day like this? It was miserable today!

  3. So - thought you were married in the Salt Lake Temple?


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