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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Over a Week Late


So. Yeah. I never posted what we did on New Year's Eve! I know it's over a week late but better late than never right?

Although if you read my friend Lolli's blog, you already know what we did. There was way too much food. There was a lot of laughing. And a lot of Wii playing. Because seriously, we are addicted to the Wii in our house. We had originally thought about playing some card games along with rock band but who are we kidding? We played the Wii all night long. And it's because of this night that we went out and bought another guitar so when Lolli and CandyMan come back over, we can all play at the same time.

I bought a guitar at a wonderful price! (Less than $20 which is huge, they normally sell for over $60 thanks to a tip from "Deal"icious Mom.) Guess I should have researched the guitar a little more than just the price because we got it yesterday and it doesn't work with rock band! Who are these crazy video game people who don't make their things compatible with other games?! Arg! Doing a little more research on it yesterday revealed that it's compatible with rock band 2 but not rock band 1. Whateves. Juice was all for sending the thing back and getting a different one but I convinced him we should just buy rock band 2 since we will be spending $40 or so more in a guitar. So soon we will have another game and be able to use our guitar. (This almost made me want to boycott any more Wii stuff but seriously, the thing is so fun!)

Besides rock band, we did play other games. Well, the guys played the games and Lolli and I talked and cheered them on. CandyMan has the fastest finger in the East because he whomped Juice in the target shooting game. Enough so that Juice has been practicing it every night for a few minutes just so that he can beat CandyMan. I did the best on the fishing, and Lolli is the quietest drummer I have ever seen.

And for my SIL- A picture of us (well me and The Candies) playing.

If you are thinking of purchasing Rock Band, get the Rock Band 2 stuff. It seems to be a little more compatible with other things! And I do suggest it. We have a ball every time we play! And this night was no exception. What a great way to ring in 2009! This year is going to Rock.


PS- Be sure to Check out Lolli's movie giveaway!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your children are adorable, I love your taste in movies (horses!!) and books. I have not stayed up on New Years Eve for years -- getting too old, I guess. Looks like you had a good time.

  2. Don't boycott Wii it's too fun! That is sad that it's not backwards compatible, or is it actually the game? Whichever I'm glad to hear it's a fun game I'll have to put it on my list.

  3. Yes, it was lots of fun! I don't know what everyone means about me being a quiet drummer....
    Can't wait to play again.

  4. Oh I am sorry for the hassle with the guitar. i am glad you found a way to work it out though. A new game sounds much more fun than returning the guitar! Thanks for the link love by the way!

  5. When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were pregnant again!

  6. I thought you had a pregnancy scare when I saw the title, too!

    I peeked at Lolli's blog and caught those pictures, too. ...loved all the smiles. Looks like fun.

    Maybe you should like move across the street from me and then we could play Wii together all the time. just think about it, ok ;)

    love ya guys :)

  7. @Astarte and Splats: Too funny!! I hadn't even thought of that! Hahaha! And no, no pregnancy scares going to be in our future!

    Oh and Splats, we would move in if you found Juice a job. Seriously! (PS- if you've got some online games we can still play the Wii together even though we don't live across the street.)


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