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Friday, January 30, 2009

Huh, Good Money Savings, I Guess


I was thinking about it and I have not driven my car all week long. Nope, I lied. I went to the Metro on Monday morning and the Chinese Food store (what Butterfly calls it) that evening. But yeah, I haven't driven the car in 4 days at least. And since Juice has been riding the Metro and taking the bus every day, we're saving money! And gas! And the environment! Yay for us!

Then why do I feel like a hermit these days? Oh, yeah. Right. Freezing cold temps, twins, a pre-schooler, and no motivation. My get up and go is on the fritz right now. I think I used it all up on the Inauguration. (I just love typing that word now that I know how to spell it.) It could also be that my shirt (and hair sometimes) is covered in snot from two runny little noses. Or it could be because I've been spit up on more times than I can count this morning so now I have a slightly foul smell following me around.

But I did get a shower today so that's a win. Well, I was clean before the spit up and the snot.

I am going to drive the car this evening to get out so that's also a win. Maybe after I change my clothes...

I spent an exhilarating night last night talking to my mom on the phone. We are busy planning their semi-annual trip to visit us. Highlights this year will include sleeping on the Ellipse in front of the White House for Easter Egg roll tickets, the zoo, Mt. Vernon, Easter Sunday, and the boys' first birthday. We are going to have a ball, as we always do.

Juice is going hiking with the Boy Scouts tomorrow so I am on my own yet again. I think I may take the kids to the mall and do some window shopping and have a little lunch. That is, if I can shut my brain off from planning planning planning tonight in bed.

Maybe that's where all my get up and go is. The future!


PS- Professor has learned how to clap and it's so adorable! And Pirate will come and lay his head on my foot and suck his thumb. Also adorable!


  1. I'm right there there with you. Although, I attribute my get up and go going when Sprout got sick and now I have it! Ugh! Yesterday was our first day out of the house since last Wednesday . . . and now today I'm feeling worse. I have a MNO tomorrow night and I don't care if I'm on my deathbed I'm making it! I have to get out! I hope you find your motivation soon and it sounds like your parents visit is going to be lots of fun! I'm trying to talk Lego into coming to visit this year . . . I want to travel!! :)

  2. I'm hardly driving right now either. I'm just feeling a bit to yucky to leave the house. Good for saving money, right? ;)

  3. so is it worth taking all the kids to the mall just to let the toddler run around? If that's true, I'll take Piglet to South Towne and let her play while me and the Monkey sit back and watch.


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