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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Did!


We did! That's right. We did it. We took all the kids down to the mall on Inauguration day and survived. Seriously, we can go anywhere with these kids now. I know it.

So, seriously, how did our day go? Both Juice and I are exhausted. The kids are the same. But we were warm! I put 3 layers of clothing on everyone and feet warmers in our boots for those of us walking. The boys we strapped on us and wrapped our coats around them so they were nice and toasty and warm. We did not take the stroller. I was afraid that they wouldn't even let us go on the Mall with it so we opted for the leash back pack and hoped for the best. Juice and I told ourselves if she complained too much, we were turning around and heading home.

Boy she was a trooper. We were late getting out of the house this morning so we missed most of the rush. We left by 10am, got there by 11:30am and walked a mile to the mall from Farragut North. They closed off the streets by barricading them with buses and there were people selling all kinds of Obama paraphernalia. It seemed like a street fair. We got to the Mall just in time to hear the end of his speech.

It was moving, even the very end. It was amazing to be down there to hear his voice ringing out over the loud speakers. Every time the crowd cheered, Butterfly jumped up and down and waved her little American flag. She kept saying "This is his party! What a great party!" Obama is going to be a very dynamic leader. I am interested to see what he does.

We left shortly after his speech ended and we took a few pictures. While we didn't meet the press of people coming in, going out. Oh boy. Going out. Getting out. We took the sheep route and tried to walk back to Farragut North. It took us about 45 minutes to get 4 blocks. We stopped to switch babies (poor Pirate really only wanted to be held by me. And occasionally I do have to hold Professor. You know, to feed him and stuff. Yes, I did nursing them walking around with my wrap. There is nothing 6 yards of fabric can't do!) We stopped next to a reporter who was standing on a bus taking pictures for people who handed their cameras up to him. I was considering asking him to do the same, when a reporter stopped us and wanted to interview us! He was from USA Today. Who knows if we'll be mentioned but I'll keep looking and let you know if we are.

Another 2 blocks down the way, the press of people is still very strong. Butterfly walked the whole way. We decided to take a break from humanity and try a different metro station. We picked Foggy Bottom because we know it. Juice went to school there. Another couple of blocks, and Butterfly was falling behind. We decided to take a potty break in the GW student center. I think we spent about 45 minutes eating our snacks, taking a nursing/potty break, and getting warm. It was the best decision we could have made today. After that break Butterfly was bubbly, happy and almost frisking beside us as we walked to the metro station.

The crowd at the metro was impressive. It didn't look like it was going anywhere. So we thought we'd try yet another station. Half a block away, Butterfly had had it. We turned back to Foggy Bottom and joined the crowd trying to get in.

This is the part where I congratulate the metro staff and the police they had out. They were letting a select few into the station at time to have some crowd control. (Someone died earlier at a station.) But these guys had the crowd laughing and participating. They were telling us not to push. Not to crowd. Be patient. When the person in front of you stops, (we yelled) "You stop!" When the person in front of you moves, "You move!" It was a good way to spend waiting. We got seats a few stops into our ride home and made it home safe and sound around 5pm. It was a good day.

Butterfly was awesome. Not only did she walk 18 blocks total, she stayed close all day. She held our hands, only complained a little and ate her weight in fruit snacks. I am amazed at her perseverance and cheerfulness throughout. Amazing for a 3 year old.

I think a lot of people think we are really crazy for taking all the kids downtown for this. Yes, we are crazy times three for doing it. But I knew we could do it. I knew it would be okay. Why did we do it though? For the story. We all do things for our stories. And when Butterfly and the boys are starting to vote, I can tell them that they were there for a historic day in history. I can say that we, as a family, were there supporting something big and new. A change for us. A change for our country. A change that I hope is a good one. For our country. For our family. For Butterfly's future. For Pirate's future. For Professor's future.

Change is good.


PS- I have TONS of pictures but they are all on my small camera. That is connected to my big computer in the boys' room so no pictures today. First thing tomorrow.


  1. I was thinking about you all day while I held feverish kids and listened to the inauguration on the computer. I'm glad it went so well for you. I'm still jealous. I can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. Wow! You were part of the million dots in the crowd I saw on TV today!

  3. I have seriously been waiting all day for this post!!!!! You're the only person I know who went down there- so yes, I was thinking about you guys all day!!! YEAH!!! You did it and survived!!! Glad to hear that the day went fairly well and the metro staff and police made it a little fun! :) YAY for going and being a part of HISTORY!!!

  4. I'm so glad you went! I admit I was scanning the crowds for you guys. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  5. Today you are my hero! I thought of you as I watched the inauguration on TV and wondered if you made it. Awesome job!! I was amazed at the crowds that I saw in the camera shots.

  6. Yay! I am proud of you. You are my only friend to actually go down there and enjoy. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    Way to go Butterfly :)

  7. That is SO awesome!!! I kept watching all day to see if you were the person they were interviewing! George is going to be SO jealous of Butterfly, she watched with me even though she had the option of PBS kids in the other room. I'm so happy that you went and were there for such an amazing moment in our history.

  8. It seems you were on a lot of people's minds today! I too thought about you while I was watching the inauguration coverage and wondered if you guys braved the crowds and participated in a momentous occasion in history. I'm glad to hear that you went and also jealous. I can't wait to see the pictures and am so proud of Butterfly!

  9. Yeah for you and Juice!! I envy that you were able to be there -- I was moved even with being thousands of miles away and watching it on Cnn! It is great story to be able to tell you kids!

  10. What a cool thing to do as a family, to be part of history like that is wonderful! And to have your three little loves be so prefect!

  11. I'm so proud of you! I'm jealous too. What a day to be a part of. You guys can do anything! :) Can't wait to see the pictures.


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