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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Moving On Up!


I don't know what got in my head today but I was ready for the boys to move from their infant car seats to their big kid car seats. Probably because the car seats were in big boxes in our our entry way and I am trying to keep our house semi-box free. Or maybe it's because I have hard time carrying them in their infant seats. 17 pounds plus the three or four pounds of car seat in each hand is very hard. I've been finding myself more often than not unbuckling them and putting them in the sling or the backpack or both to get around.

Juice was nice enough to clean the Fern Tree Van today (after promising to do it for 3 weeks, ever since he spilled cereal all over the back). He then took out the baby seats, and installed the big seats. They are the exact same kind as Butterfly's, but they are grey instead of brown. If anyone is interested in which brand we got they can click here (and then click on the Sunshine Radian 80 demo).

The reason why we picked this brand is because they are one of the tallest car seats in the business, and also the slimmest. If we ever need to fit three across the backseat of a car, we can! (Hey look, our van seats 7. We could have another set of twins and not have to buy a new car!) Right now, we have the boys in the captain chairs and Butterfly in the back. She likes to be in the back because she has her own cup holder, light, and window button. When the boys become forward facing in a few short months, we will move one back to the back seat and have one of the captain chairs open. Of course, with this set up, no one can ride in our car unless they are extremely agile because the only open seats are in the very back seat.

It seems weird to put them in these seats. They seem so small still. And yet, they were ready to get out of the infant seats. I hope these will be the last big car seats we have to buy. Butterfly will probably be in a booster seat when the next baby is born (if there is a next baby) so he or she can have hers when they are ready. Of course, we could have another set of twins (hahaha) and then we'll have to buy at least one more.

I can't believe how big they are getting!



  1. That is a super cool seat!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see the boys in their new seats. I can't imagine having to carry both carseats around at the same time. You must have some major arm muscles!

  3. That's too funny - we got the Radian 80s too. You'll have to tell me how you like them - because you're a better mom than me! I haven't put them in yet! They are SO so so too big for their infant seats, but I like the stroller with the infant seats because it's so light and I have to use it every time I go to the car. And we were coming to Utah, and if I used the stroller with the infant seats I could just gate check them all and not have to pay extra to bring car seats. Ok, enough justification, you don't care! Your boys are looking so big! So sorry about the RSV!

  4. I can't believe you're even joking about more twins!


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