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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day! Er, Sick Day


Hey it's almost February and it finally snowed and actually put inches on the ground! I was beginning to think that we would be a snow less winter this year. Sad.

I had big plans to get out into the snow. But that was yesterday. And yesterday I had a little smidgen of a cold but was fine. Today, I was not. I hate having colds. I hate the congestion, the sinus pressure, the breathing through your mouth, everything. The kids have had a cold the past week or so and I figured that I wasn't going to get it. I think days of staying up too late along with boys STILL waking up at night have caught up with me. I'm sick. And in no mood to be in a good mood.

I did try hard to get everyone out this afternoon right after nap. I was trying to feed the boys and get Butterfly out of the Tinkerbell dress she has been wearing for 3 days straight. It's a cold dress. One should not wear that dress out to play in the snow. So I told her to go get pants on while I fed the boys. Well, she didn't want to do it alone. She needed help. Why wouldn't I stop feeding the boys and help her?! The whole time this is going on, she is in and out of their room where I am sitting on the rocking chair trying to keep their attention on the business at hand. They wanted to know what was going on with Butterfly. They are her adoring fan base after all. Normally I encourage sibling exchanges but all the smiles and giggles of babies does not diminish the fact that there is milk spraying on them from behind while they crane their little necks around to see what Big Sister is doing!

I tried turning around but that just made her actually come into the room. I tried to keep milk off the computer that's in there and failed. (Just the screen, it still works Dad, don't worry.) I got so frustrated with her. If she would leave us alone for 5 minutes, then I could go help her and we could go. So, I admit. I yelled. She puffed herself up, yelled right back at me and flung the door shut. But she didn't get her fingers out of the way in time and shut her nail beds into the door. Ouch!!!

By now, the boys have not eaten, milk is covering their backs and will soon make their hair crusty and sticky if Soot doesn't lick it off first, and Butterfly is screaming and trying to climb onto my lap with bloody fingers. And the boys are laughing. I put them down, and the laughing turns to crying. Arg! I had had it!

I very calmly bandaged and kissed the hurts, held Butterfly in my bed until she stopped crying, and ran some damage control from the little tornadoes in my room. By the time Butterfly was feeling better, both boys were clamoring to eat again. I turned on a movie for Butterfly and got the boys fed. Butterfly was not interested in going outside with her hurt fingers. She moped around the house every time she saw me looking at her. Otherwise she played just fine.

When Daddy came home, it was all smiles and trying to get him to go out and play in the snow with her! Because, "Mommy didn't want to."

Uh-huh. Juice pounced on the chance to go out and play. He got her all ready to go out (no dress, 2 pants, all happily done for Daddy) and they played and built a very small snow man. I put two screaming boys to bed and ate dinner by myself.

Juice was very good and put Butterfly to bed and is in the kitchen doing the dishes as we speak. It's nice to just lay on the couch with the computer and not do anything. Ahh...sweet laziness.

It was a snot ridden frustrating day for me today.



  1. Darn! Sorry about the sick day! And the milk and the hurt fingers...

  2. Wow. That is all I can say. I remember the days of 2 babies and a toddler and I so wouldn't go back there. Good luck, take some NyQuil and sleep it off!

  3. I know how those days go. Tonight I had my toddler scream that he didn't want to take a bath or take his diaper off to the point that he broke out into hives. Somedays I wonder how we don't pull all our hair out. :)

  4. Ack! 3-4 year olds are so contrary. Hope tomorrow is easier.

    Looking forward to see all the photos you are going to take!

  5. Hahaha -- sorry I know I shouldn't laugh but I love how you wrote out the situation. Hope you are feeling better today!

  6. Hope you are feeling better... thanks for popping by today. Your family is beautiful!

  7. a day in the life, right? seems like these are the stories told during winter. being cooped up in the house is no fun, illness added to the situation makes a trying time even worse! I think it's SO unfair when moms get sick because they can't just relax and get better (that is until Juice gets home)... no they still have children to take care of!
    well, you are amazing for gaining composure after a minute yell spell. it would have taken me much longer to give loves to my hurt toddler!

  8. That last line made me laugh! I remember writing about really bad days when Lucy and Hannah were little because otherwise no one would believe that it happened. Plus I've lost brain cells and I wouldn't remember either.


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