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Friday, February 06, 2009

25 or 26 Random Things


Every time I open my email (which is not a lot lately) I have been tagged by someone to do 25 or 26 random things about me. It's a plague running through F*ceb00k. Apparently I caught it over here on my blog.

1. I am 5 foot 11 and a half inches tall. But I tell everyone I am 6 feet tall.
2. I like playing the bass guitar on Rock Band.
3. I got rid of cable and all other tv beyond movies August of last year and haven't missed it one bit.
4. I wash my face with sunflower oil every night.
5. I get cavities every time I go to the dentist and am pregnant or trying to be.
6. I am a sucker for great pictures of my kids.
7. I try to be a good photographer but recently had my confidence shaken and have not wanted to touch my camera since.
8. I feel horribly guilty about Pirate's leg.
9. I have to fall asleep on my right side.
10. My hips ache horribly since having twins.
11. I talk to my mom once a week (at least) on the phone and my best friend every 10 days or so.
12. I love to read and am addicted to book club and my clubbers.
13. I once traveled to present and defend a paper I wrote about a Shakespeare play.
14. We got a 400 disk changer for our dvds for Christmas and I think it might be the best invention ever.
15. I try hard to be an awesome mom and watch the ladies in church to see what they do so I can be better by being like them.
16. I still know that the 16th president is Lincoln because Juice helped me study them in high school.
17. I am the eternal planner and I tend to over plan things sometimes.
18. I love getting mail.
19. I love getting packages more.
20. I trained a horse once. I still miss my Softy.
21. I love big long dresses and wish they would come back into style.
23. I have known my husband for more than half my life.
24. I have been to 41 states.
25. Being a mom is fantastic. I think I'm okay at it. "I've worked hard to become so."

BONUS Question!

True or false?

26. I am horribly competitive.



  1. OK - let's see - I am going to say "true" because of how often you play Wii!

    I love this list - it's so honest and refreshing. And I think you are WAY MORE THAN OK at being a mom - and I am sure your friends who see you on a daily basis will totally echo that 1000%!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes - only an hour and a half left ... :)

  2. I want a disk changer, too.
    I'm gonna have to say true.

  3. I say true, you married Juice how can you not be? :)

  4. I know the answer to the bonus question, so I can't vote!
    I love your pictures - don't give anyone else power over your endeavors, nor take away your pleasure in something you truly enjoy (and our pleasure too!)

  5. I'll definitely say true to #26. I am from MD. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I think having a #26 at all proves that it is true :) I'm with you on #9 and #15 and #18 and 19 and I'm working on #25 (working on being okay at it). #7 made me sad for you...I hope it wasn't some mean person who did that! :( And #21 made me laugh...I wish sweatpants would come into style and stick around a while :)

  7. I always like reading these!! Way to give a shout out for book club! Lisa would be especially proud (I got in trouble for not including book club on my random things list :)!!

  8. TRUE!!! And you know it Anie!!!

  9. #1-I think it is funny that you are 5'11"1/2" and you say 6'. I am 5"10 3/4" and refuse to say 5'11" because it sounds too close to 5'12".lol. We are twiners on 6,9,12,18,19,21,THERE IS NO 22???, 23 (does it count if he is an X? I met him at 15 and I am 43-you do the math.),25, & big surprise here....26.

  10. @ Momster- Oh no! You're right...there is no 22!!!

  11. Since I'm your sibling, I can, with definitive proof, say that #26 is true.

    As for the picture thing, don't stop taking pictures! Whatever was said about your pictures is one person's opinion. The truth is, their opinion only matters if you let it matter. After all, you can hear other's expectations of you, but it is up to you if you want to listen to them or not.

    Keep your chin up. And take a few pictures!


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