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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day


Today was any other day. We don't do much to celebrate Valentine's day at home. We were able to go to a few parties yesterday to celebrate it so that was fun.

Juice helped someone move this morning. I'm glad he was able to help someone out but I had one rough morning. Last night our ward had an international dinner and so they were up a lot later than they normally are. So they napped horribly. Butterfly was whiny and cross and petulant. By the time lunch rolled around I was ready to pull my eyes out. Arg. Everything was "why why why" and "no no no".

I think the frustration stemmed a lot from the fact that I was trying to clean the house for some visitors to come over and play rock band. It's fun to have people use our house for their date nights. We enjoy the company and the fact that we don't have to have a babysitter! But the house had looked like a bomb went off inside and it needed to be cleaned. So I spent most of my morning organizing papers and trying to straighten up what I could. But it wasn't until Juice came home that we were able to divide and conquer with the kids and cleaning.

The boys went down early tonight. I hope they sleep well with all the rocking out we're going to be doing. I think they will. They are pretty tired little kids.

It's bath time for Butterfly so I'm off to get wet.



  1. Happy V day! It was very fun (albeit LATE). Thanks for having us!!

  2. I hope the rock band party was fun. We play tons here too.

  3. Sounds like u had a great day, mine was pretty boring, Lol


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