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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Spoon, Thou Art...


Professor is SO funny with his little quirk. He sings to his toys. It is so stinking adorable I can barely describe it. One thing Juice and I have started doing while he does it is filling in words as he's pontificating himself. Tonight's ballad was to the dinner spoon.

Oh Spoon. Thou art my scepter of power.
Oh Spoon, oh Scepter of Power, I find your concave and convex surfaces immeasurably interesting.
Oh Scepter, thy beautiful sunny coloring brings joy to my soul.
I love thy...(slobbers on spoon and we can't understand it).
*pause for dramatic effect*
Oh Scepter, thy smooth texture brings meaning to my life.
I love to bite thy springy surface.
Oh Scepter, Oh Spoon of Light, thou art amazing.

While Professor was originally the only one who did it, I now see Pirate doing it just a little bit too. But his voice is small, and quiet when he is happy. It's almost a whisper at times. That is also so stinking cute. It also really makes me pause and pay attention to him. It seems like Professor demands my attention and Pirate politely asks. Cute cute boys.


edited to add: We took a video of it for you but I can't get it to upload anywhere. I think my video camera might actually be out of date. Huh.


  1. This is so completely adorable! What I wouldn't do to see the video!

  2. I would love to see that in action, too! I just loaded a bunch of pictures of the kids onto my blog. I think I need to make you a CD of all the pictures I owe you.

  3. Awe, that sounds so sweet. Georgia sings all the time too. I love it. How is the cast?

  4. kids do such cute things....isn't it amazing how different they can be coming from the 2 same adults??? Hmmm...something to ponder...oh the possibilities. :)

  5. this is Charayne btw. Sorry.

  6. I will ask Dad about the camera - I would love to see the video!

  7. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Oooh, I'd love to see the video too! How cute! I have to say, though, that the song is more of an ode than a ballad but I can't wait to hear the next installment. How about "The Ballad of the Teddy Bear's Adventures?" :)

  8. LOL I think you've been playing too much Quelf. :) Or maybe you just have a future Quelf player!


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