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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smelly Cast


Every time I change Pirate's diaper or get a whiff of his cast (which is really starting to smell) I think of that Friends Episode when Phoebe sings about a smelly cat.

It's been a few days since I've been singing it under my breath and it's stuck in my head.

Diapering has been a challenge. Originally we were cutting up incontinence pads to enhance the absorption of the diapers across the front and back. 2 days ago, I found a disintegrated pad in his diaper. Gross! Also gross, the fact that it disintegrated up the front of his cast. I had to dig out little wet balls of fluffy beady things. Not cool. I took the hair dryer to it. It didn't really help.

So, cutting up the pads and breaking their water lock seal is bad. Check.

There is also quite a bit of plastic wrap involved. At first I was more worried about a really messy poop in the diaper and staining all over. But now, I'm more worried about the pee and how it soaks into everything. We shove plastic wrap around all the leg openings and up the front quite a ways. To change his diaper now it takes about 10 minutes of carefully tucking, prodding, drying, and taping.

And yet, with all of that, he managed to pee on me yesterday.

We had to go back and see the ortho Doc B today because he has wiggled so much his cast is breaking. Both legs have cracked and the broken one moved. It's not supposed to move! So back to Doc B's. He put about 4 rolls of plaster around him again and reinforced it with another roll.

It's a really good thing Pirate is so mellow.

We monopolized the staff again and they took some more pictures. I asked them to send them to me so I'll post them when I can. They even loaned us about 10 colored pens for people to sign the cast with. Doc B is still insistent that I take it off the night before so I will. I asked him what would happen if the leg was still broken and he had to have another cast and he said, "That won't happen. They heal fast." Okay...March 1st! Good bye smelly cast!



  1. Ack! Sounds yucky! Poor little guy, he must be very good natured.

  2. My goodness! What an ordeal! I'll be praying that March 1st comes quickly for you!

  3. Oh no! lol
    You poor thing, I can't wait for March for you.


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