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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day


Since Juice had yesterday off, I had a pretty nice day.  We got all of our errands done yesterday and so we basically had the whole day free today. 

Butterfly and I went to her very first primary activity.  I had to go early and help with the 8-11 year old girls who were setting up.  The other twin mom in my ward was there so we chatted about twins and the boys and the disaster I had the other day.  Her twins are 14 now and I love talking with another mom who has been there.  Espically with twins. 

Butterfly was very good for the most part at the party.  She made some new friends (which she can't remember the names of them so I have to) and she payed attention to her teacher well.  I got some cute pictures of her class together (which I don't think her teacher was very happy to do but oh well).  It was a good morning.

Both the boys are getting colds so when we got home, they were pretty cranky.  We all had lunch (in which Professor managed to flip the spoon every time I tried to give him something but ate great from Daddy...sigh) and naps for everyone.  I ran to the store to get something I forgot yesterday and went to explore the used book store near by.  I've never been there.  It was confusing.  But I managed to come home with the book I wanted (after asking the employee to find it because I couldn't) and 4 other books.  I have a major soft spot for books.  I almost bought a book that mentions my grandmother (Dad's mom) but didn't.  Maybe I should go back and get it.

Anyway, I came home with books to read and tried to get the boys to play with their toys so I could read!  But no dice.  They wanted to nurse but then they were distracted by my book or something their brother did or whatever. 

Juice and I made dinner together.  All 3 kids joined us in the kitchen and cried.  Professor probably the loudest.  He did not have his second nap and was cross and cranky!  We were able to feed them little bits of ham to keep them entertained to at least get the meat loaf in the oven.

Bath night tonight.  Butterfly was so anxious to get in the bath that I just plunked Professor in there too.  They had such a good time together splashing!  Juice brought Pirate in to watch and you could tell he wanted to get in too.  Tomorrow buddy! 

Wow, I just realized that he has not had a bath in over a month.  Ew. 

Everyone sing, "Tomorrow!  You're only a day away!"



  1. How EXCITING she got to go to her first Primary activity!!! Thats so FUN!!! I cant believe hes had his cast on for a MONTH! Seems like less. Im sure NOT for you! Good luck taking it off! Im sure it will be easy since youve put it back together so many times! (or watched...) yey for CLEAN babies!

  2. I am so excited for the cast removal! But not as excited as you, for sure.

    Did you go to THE used book store, or a different one? And did you find THAT book??

  3. I'm glad they all cried at once for you. It's such music to your ears, eh? (And makes you deaf, what?) I'm sure you'll let us know about the cast removal! I can't wait to hear about it.

  4. Hey Safire - I just caught up on all the posts I missed - been off the computer for a bit. I love coming here because your life is so much like mine and it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one living The Crazy.

    I am so happy that the cast is coming off - which I am sure in no way compares to your joy - and his, too!


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