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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Talk


Too busy playing Sim Animals. Wow it's addicting!

I finished an entire book in about 2 days today.

Both boys have been getting into mischief, as always. Pirate's cast is really starting to smell.

I talked to my Dad for over an hour today about plans to visit in the summer. Looks like we are "go" for launch sometime in June.

We had yet another day at home.

And will probably have another tomorrow.

Butterfly spent all day in her pjs and loved it.

She also spent all day playing tea party.

Juice has now taken over the Sim Animals and is busy building a kingdom. Guess I'll go watch.



  1. Sim Animals on Wii? I'm always looking for a new game to play! Sorry about the cast...can you Febreeze it?

  2. Hmm. How long do you have the sim animals game? Is it one you'll buy?

    It looks like tomorrow will be another day in for us, too. No car, plus Reese has a horrible cough now. :( I wish we could be home-bound together!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We are having a Pj day too -- Sami is so sick there is no way we will be getting out!

  5. Just when I am back from the craziness, it seems like it is starting for you!

    That was such a nice, touching post about Juice's uncle. He and his family were so nice and welcoming to you all and I am sure he loved getting to know you, too.

    And those cast pictures blow my mind! I don't know how I would be able to handle a kid in a cast - you are doing a great job with that, gotta tell ya.

    And ... how cool that you got to see Shopaholic! I saw the previews before another movie about a month ago and knew I had to see it. Hope to go soon.

    Hope things calm down for you!

  6. @ Valinda- We enjoyed playing the game until it got too frustrating. Not one for the kids as we had a hard time doing it. As for the Febreeze, nope. It's plaster and the Febreeze would break it down. We just have to live with the stink. Sigh.

    @ Lolli- We sent it back today. We will not buy it because it frustrated us about an hour after I posted. Eh, a good try. I wish we could hang out together too! I'll call you.

    @ Splats- Yay for the game or yay for the cast or yay for the pjs? ;)

    @ Jill- I'm sorry that Sami is so sick! I hope she feels better soon.

    @ Rose- I wondered where you went to! Nice to see you again...look for a reply on your blog.


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