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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Teeth Pictures


We went to the dentist today. We always take over their office when we go because I schedule everyone at the same time. Our dentist is about 35 minutes away so why go down there more than we have to? This office has seen us since before Butterfly was born.

And today, they actually got x-rays of her teeth! She did so great and listened to what the dentist said. She opened her mouth at the right times, let them pick at her teeth, clean, x-ray, fluoridate, and rinse. Amazing. She was so pleased at how well she did too. She got to pick out a toy from the treasure box and a new pink princess toothbrush. She loves the dentist.

The boys were a big hit too. I got the easy job this time around. Juice went first and the boys were content and quiet in their strollers. I read all 3 of them books for about 20 minutes, and then went to get my teeth cleaned. Butterfly wanted me around for her teeth cleaning so I got to stay in the back with her and talk to her about the pink toothpaste she was using and watch the monkey brushing his teeth video.

By the time we were done, Juice had both boys on his lap. No small feat with the cast. As I walked around the corner, both boys tuned their big eyes onto me and both said, "Mamamamama!" It was very cute. I felt very loved. They were not happy with getting back in the stroller or into the car but they slept on the way home and had a nice LONG nap this afternoon.

Butterfly napped this afternoon too. So did I. I was so tired. And cold. I ended up curled in my bed with the heating pad on my feet to warm me up. Pirate started to cry about 20 minutes into my nap so I took him back to bed with me and we snuggled as best we could.

The cast...ugh, I hate it. It's heavy. It's awkward. It's starting to smell. And it's only been 5 days! I can only imagine what it's going to smell like in a month. We did decorate it and I took a few pictures. Sadly, the battery is dead in my camera so I'll have to wait till it charges to show off our art work.



  1. <"Mamamamama!"

  2. Can't wait to see pictures! I can only imagine how heavy the cast must be!

    P.S. Hope my comment shows, the last few times it didn't work :(

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Awwww...I can't wait until Evie says Mama, that must feel awesome. About the smell...could you maybe try shaking some baby powder down into it? I wouldn't think that would irritate his skin or anything and it might help absorb the smell because that would drive me nuts, too.


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