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Monday, February 16, 2009



Death has been on my mind the past couple of days. I was going to say I don't know why but really I do know why. Juice's Uncle Russ has been dying. I say has been because he died today. I've been following his cousin Jen's blog about his last days. I thankful that she posted these last touching moments with her father. It has made us feel closer to them.

The first time I met Uncle Russ and Aunt Polly (that I remember), we were newly moved to Virginia. I think we had been there a month and we went to see them. They have the most amazing cabin in the woods. I think it was the first time I realized that there still were open spaces in the east. I had thought it was all city city city. Because where we lived, it was. Still, their cabin was amazing. They gave us dinner, we chatted, I learned a little bit more about their family and enjoyed ourselves. Aunt Polly gave us pineapple juice from huge cans and I loved it so much we have a ton of them in our house today.

When we moved here, I don't think we realized that Juice has a lot of family that lives out here too. But we've been to their houses for Thanksgiving, missionary farewells, and they have been to our place for baby blessings and birthdays. Butterfly loves having cousins to run around with. I am still learning every one's names and faces. I have loved getting Christmas cards from them and seeing them through out the year. It's nice to have family close by. I miss my own.

Thinking about Uncle Russ' last days have made me pensive thinking about death. Juice does not fear death. Nor is bothered by it at all. It's a quirk of his. I don't fear my own death. I guess I don't fear death. I'm sad for the people left behind. Because while the departed is just that, departed, the people behind are, well, left. Left without a father, a brother, a grandpa, an uncle. I do believe that we will see these people again. Death is not the end of our life, just another phase. Another door we walk through.

This picture of Russ I believe my dad took at the boys' blessing in June. I was always so touched they would drive up to see us for these little life celebrations. And on Saturday, we hope to be able to join their family in his own celebration of his life.



  1. So sorry! I hope you'll be able to make it to the funeral and enjoy some time with your family.

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Thank you for representing us on Saturday. gma

  3. (((hugs))) Sorry for your loss

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family will be im my thougts and prayers.

  5. So sorry for your loss.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the time with family will be comforting for you.

  7. Thanks for writing those thoughts. I love the picture of my dad. Those were fun gatherings. I hope we can have more of them. See you soon...

  8. I hadn't heard about Uncle Russ' death, and I'm sorry to hear. Give Juice an extra hug from the AmyLynn.


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