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Monday, February 23, 2009



My morning was so productive. I was able to do my Monday mopping and a load of dishes. I even got a shower! Sweet!

The boys didn't really take their second nap. Instead they sat around and chatted to each other for an hour. Butterfly didn't nap either, although she had quiet time in her room. I was noticing that it was really windy outside. Since today is our trash/recycling day, I thought about our recycling bin out in the wind. But that's as far as it went and baby stuff happened.

When I got everyone downstairs, I glanced outside and saw our recycling bin sailing down the street. Oh no! I had to go get it! So I threw on shoes and planned to just rush out the door, grab it, and rush back in. Well Butterfly wanted to come. And she needed shoes. And a coat. She took two steps outside and started to cry. It was COLD today.

I had to catch the bin though so I left her crying on the front step and the boys inside. Bin gathered. We ran back inside.

In the 2 minutes I was gone, the boys made a huge disaster. They discovered the dog's water bowl. It was full when I forgot about it. It was not full when I saw it again.

What was full was Pirate's clothes, his CAST and Professor's knees. I swooped up Pirate to take off his sopping wet clothes upstairs near the hair dryer. As I'm pulling off his clothes, his cast is starting to peel up in strips. AHH! Luckily I watched the doctor do his cast twice. I started smoothing it down so that the edges were sticking to the part that wasn't wet. It was working!

It was then I noticed that his diaper was wet on the outside and was holding water next to the cast. So I rip that off him and grabbed the hair dryer. I plopped him on my lap, set the dryer to the cool setting, and tried to dry off/fix the cast. He was not happy with me, or with the hair dryer.

He voiced his displeasure not only by crying but by pooping all over my lap. At least he missed his cast. I put him on the floor and try to clean him up one handed because I'm still drying his cast. Butterfly comes in. She is telling me something about Professor and his Mother. Oh yeah. That's me. I finally had to switch off the hair dryer to hear what she is saying. "Professor is trying to get to his Mooothaaar!"

I leave Pirate screaming on the bathroom floor (because I left!) and went downstairs to investigate what Professor is doing. (All still with poop all over my lap because I haven't gotten to me yet.) I didn't have to go very far down the stairs to discover Professor about 4 steps up and climbing. So I grab him. He proceeds to bite my shoulder (his reminder to me that I am food and therefore must fill his belly), burp, and spit up all down my shirt. Great. Poop on pants. Spit up on shirt.

Butterfly starts coughing like she is going to throw up (she has a sensitive gag reflex apparently. I do not. Apparently.) and Pirate is dragging himself naked (except for the cast) down the hall to me. By now I feel that it's in my best interest to change my clothes so I herd everyone into my room.

My shirt starts to feel wet. I thought at first my milk had let down but no, Professor is soaked more than I thought from the dog bowl. I decide to put clothes on him and change his diaper. He's all set but unhappy that I am not feeding him. I decide to dress Pirate while I'm at the changing table. Professor is hanging off of me screaming. Butterfly is jumping up and down yelling, "Look at me! Look at me!" Pirate is screaming on the changing table. I look and feel like a frazzled mess.

But his cast is okay! Yay for hair dryers!

New clothes for me and we are all clean. Whew. Not the way I wanted to spend an hour of my afternoon but at least it wasn't too terrible. Oh, I put the dog's mat outside to dry and Juice brought it in with icicles hanging off one side. At least it was no longer dripping water.

Only 6 more days till the cast comes off!



  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Yay for hair dryers?...Yay for mommies!

  2. OOOOOOH my GOSH! Im SO SORRY! I could feel the panic as i was reading that. You poor thing! Its amazing how fast kids can get into something and make a MESS.

  3. Is it bad that I got a big laugh out of this post? We've all had those days, but they really are comical from the outside, right? Or am I just mean?


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