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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Night at the Movies!


The last movie I saw in the theater was Wall-E. Flower was with us. We took everyone. The boys were so small. They slept through the whole thing, one with Flower and one with me. Butterfly laughed, ate popcorn and had a great time. I realize that we will probably not be able to go see the next Pixar movie in the theater unless one of us stays with the boys or we get a babysitter. I don't think it's smart to take year old twins to the movies.

So when one of my favorite local blogs, A Parent in Silver Spring, ran a contest to get 4 free movie tickets to "Confessions of a Shopaholic" premiere, I jumped at the chance. And I won! Lolli, Lala, and Kirk (sorry...all I can think of at the moment, she's been my visiting teacher for almost 4 years now!) and I were ready to go enjoy a girly movie!

Lolli, Kirk and I were able to ride down together. We tried to get there in time for the pre-show fun but missed most of it. Kirk said that they had a contest for the most fashionable gal there, and they all got gift bags with green scarves and 100 dollar gift certificates. They were also having raffles. Lolli and I were getting snacks during this time. Lala couldn't ride with us so she drove herself and would be a little late.

As we were going into the theater, a bunch of official dressed guys told us we had to turn our cell phones off, not just to silent. They are trying to protect pirating. I didn't turn mine off because I was expecting Lala's call that she was here. We looked over our gift bags (foot cream and a nail buffer) and chatted.

I took a picture of Kirk and Lolli in the theater. Immediately, the security guy came over and said, "You need to turn that off. NOW!" Wow, he was mean. We giggled over it a bit but I had no idea that security was going to be so tight for a movie that was coming out the next day.

Movie starts with no previews. How wonderful. I hate sitting through all the previews. But Lala wasn't there yet! I'd say about 15 minutes in, my phone buzzes. So I hopped up to go ask her where she was in the lobby. But there she was! I could tell she had been crying. It was a rough trip for her. She went the wrong way and just wanted to go home. But I'm so glad she didn't! We went right back into the theater and had an enjoyable movie.

The audience was great. Everyone gasped, laughed, and sighed in the appropriate places. They even clapped at the end. When the movie stopped, the whole theater erupted into girly chatter. I thought that fact alone was about as good as the movie.

And yes, I did enjoy the movie. A lot! I would love to own it. It's PG (which I've found is rare these days) and cute. I really want to read the books that the movie is based off of. If you're looking for a great chick flick, I do highly recommend it.

After the movie, we made an impromptu stop at Denny's for some dinner. I had not eaten before I left and everyone was hungry. So off we go! We had breakfast, except for Lolli who had desert and onion rings, and gabbed some more. I don't think we got home before 11:30pm.

What a great girls night out!



  1. yes, it was fabulous! Thanks for a great night!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! I thought the book was excellent. All the sequel books were duds though. I think I'll hunt it down and give it away next week.

  3. How fun! I seriously cant wait to see that movie!! You know, when it comes out on DVD! Cuz Brian will never take me to see it! =) glad you got out for some fun!

  4. WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS on winning! That's awesome! What a FUN night!

  5. I am so glad that you won, invited your girls & had a great girls night out. I wasn't able to attend but hoping to plan a MoCo Moms Night Out very soon! xoxo JessicaAPISS


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