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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crawling in a Cast


I think I figured out how to publish movies. So here you go. This is Pirate crawling in the cast.

Okay, so it's just me trying to get him to crawl. Try this one.

And yes, I realize that I use their real names in the videos. Because unlike most of you, I can't call them by their internet names without having to stop and think about it first. And I don't have time to stop and think some days!

At the very end you heard Butterfly's question for EVERYTHING. WHY??? It's okay most of the time, but after about 200 whys in a day, I'm pooped.

Happy Birthday Dad! My Dad has been generous enough to have his birthday on National Pancake Day and decided to celebrate with free pancakes from IHOP! Yes, it's true people. You can get free pancakes at IHOP today. Think of my dad while you eat them.



  1. I just love the click of the cast on the floor. Glad they finally uploaded!

  2. First can I say, your kids are SO CUTE!! Loved Butterfly's "whys"! So funny. I can't believe how well Pirate gets around. And Professor is a fast kid too. Happy Bday to your Dad. Glad IHOP could recognize his bday nationally. :)

  3. "But she's not a baby, she's big, like me" - George

  4. Wow! He's doing pretty good with that heavy cast on. He'll have lots of ground to make up when it comes off in just days!!! YAY

  5. Wow - they are both so big! This Summer is gonna be soooo much fun :)

  6. Hugs to the brave little crawler! He's such a champ!

    And, how the heck did I miss FREE PANCAKE DAY?!!


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