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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a Day


It's been one of those days again. I really should not be surprised when stuff like today happens, but I always am.

We did not have a terribly busy morning. It's wash day so I don't really plan much so I can stay home and run through the 8 loads we do a week. I never ever make it through all the loads in a day but I do try. Butterfly napped this afternoon. The boys have been super clingy and super poopie lately. I guess eating a ton of pancakes yesterday (okay, they split one between them) and avocados this morning is a sure fire way to get things moving. I think I changed 5 poopy diapers between them today. And, the cast has now been befouled. Good thing it's coming off in 4 (!!!) days because our house is starting to have...a smell. It's like a freshly cleaned outhouse smell. And when you open that diaper...hooo doggie. That's a not so freshly cleaned outhouse smell. 4 days...I can last 4 days. Right?!

Anyway, I don't know what got into me but I decided at the worst possible moment of the day to make bread. Lunch time is not a great time to try and warm water and honey and yeast together. I had Pirate clumping after every step I took, and Professor hugging my leg and alternately bawling or biting me. I must admit the hugging part was pretty cute. Butterfly thought it was so cute she would do it on my other leg. And all mommy wanted was for butter to melt! Why won't this stupid butter melt?

Bread got made with Butterfly's help. I even let her make her own mini loaves. She was in charge of sprinkling the flour as I needed while I was kneading (haha...it's late and I'm getting punchy). I thought she would tire of it but she didn't. She even kneaded her own little loaves and they turned out great. I made 2 loaves this time. One for me and one for a fellow twin mom in my Moms of Multiples group who was having a rough day. She lives pretty close to me in a historic house and has 3 older kids. I've met her once before but she called our local leader who called me and that's how I made dinner for them. Including the bread. I hope she liked it.

About 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave for my bi-monthly church meeting, the house exploded. Or imploded. The boys were screaming, we discovered that Butterfly had peed in her sleep at nap time and her sheets and panties were soaked but not her pants. I still can't figure that one out. Dinner was not done so I was running out the door with no food. Juice was beyond tired and hungry and a little snappy. I left in a big hurry happy to be out of the house for at least a little bit.

So now I'm home and it's the first time I've had to sit down for longer than 10 minutes all day. It's 10:15 pm. I still have to switch out some more laundry (I think this will be my last load, and it's all of Butterfly's wet bedding) and feed the boys and go to bed myself. Whew. I'm tired just typing that.



  1. I think we all have days like this. Hope tomorrow is better!!!!

  2. Wow, I'm more tired just reading that. Better luck tomorrow.

  3. maybe she takes her pants off in the middle of her nap?

    And I thought I had a busy day.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments! I hope to see you back there soon:-)


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