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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mother's Helper, Day 2


It's that time of week again. Time for KitKat to come over. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day with highs in the 70's. It seriously felt like spring. I had all the windows open until about 7pm at night (6pm for the boys room when they went to sleep) and we basked in the fresh air. Too bad it was really muddy out or we would have gone to spend time on our grass.

I do think it's odd that it's 70 in February.

Anyway, I was upstairs doing a diaper change and I hear Butterfly screaming downstairs, "It's KitKat! It's KitKat!" She was so excited to have her "special friend, only my friend, not yours Moothar" come and play. The boys napped weirdly yesterday due to the doctor visit (see post again, pictures!) so as soon as she got here, I put them down.

Butterfly is going to a few Valentine's parties tomorrow so I needed some Valentines for all of her little friends. So I gave them tape, markers, scissors, and paper and a list of who to make them out to. They spent a good 45 minutes cutting and coloring and drawing. KitKat made some really cute sayings and Butterfly colored several for herself. Oh, and one for me and Juice and one for KitKat. So cute.

I was very good this week and talked to my mom for an hour while KitKat played with Butterfly. My mom and I normally talk on Thursday nights but I have a girls night out tonight and next week is book club. So we decided on during the day.

Of course, a ton of people called me while I was talking, the boys woke up and tried to eat the phone on numerous occasions, my nephew Cappy bit my mom a few times, but we talked. We made some definitive plans for their trip here in April and talked about the White House Easter Egg roll. You local gals, interested in going with us? We had a blast 2 years ago.

I felt like my time was well used, and KitKat's too. I think I may like having a helper!



  1. Sounds good! I have a helper here right now. She is vacuuming. I am reading blogs. It's rather lovely.

    I wish I could do the Easter egg thingy with you.

  2. KitKat, my sister and I are camping out for the Egg Roll! I can't wait for tonight!

  3. Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  4. Funny how the day I fly out it breaks 70 degrees! Just my LUCK!!! :)


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