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Monday, February 02, 2009

Pleased As Punch


The orthopedic office today was a hoot. The waiting room was full of people who had fallen and people who needed physical therapy. The receptionists exchanged looks when we walked in. As we were shown into the "cast room", I saw the doctor down the hall. His whole face lit up when he saw us.

Enter Doc B (whom I really like), and about 4 staff from his office. He was pleased as punch that we were there and that he spent his Saturday putting a cast on my poor little boy. I am less than pleased but happy he was so happy with his handiwork.

Enter about 4 other doctors and some more staff people. I swear we had about 15 people in the room, all looking at Pirate. He is eating it up too. Big smiles and pats for me.

He was not all smiles when we took him to be x-rayed again. He hated to be put down before he broke his leg. And now that I've held him for about 4 days straight, he's really bad about being put down. Good news is that everything is exactly how it should be, break wise. You can barely see it on the x-ray. But it's there.

Doc B took a few pictures for his brochure (yes, he was that pleased) and a few more doctor's and therapists came in to see the cast. We need to see him in a month to get the cast off. He actually told me to take it off the night before. All I need to do is soak him in the bathtub for a little bit and pull the cast apart. We'll take more x-rays and make sure the break has healed at the doctor's the next day. He seems very positive that it will heal. At least, that's why I'm assuming he told me to take the cast off myself. I'm a little afraid it won't be healed and we'll have to put another cast on. But to take it off at the doctor's involves a saw...

We're trying to embrace the fact that we won't be going anywhere for awhile. It's just too hard to take them both anywhere. I can't carry them both. I can't carry him for very long because he's heavy with that cast! Hopefully we can get Butterfly out with friends in the next month (hint hint) and we'll rejoin normal life in a month.

To celebrate our new found love of the inside of our house, we decorated the cast tonight. I drew a box for Butterfly and gave her a few permanent markers and let her have at it. Juice is still working on his skull and cross bones to go right over the break. I wrote "bad to the bone" on his ankle and did a little mom tattoo on it. It's cute. So if you've got a sharpie, you're welcome to sign it too.


PS- They did cut a big strip out of the back to give his bum a little more room. Now it's not being cut in half by the cast. He is much more comfortable. Wouldn't you be?


  1. Oh boy! So....K is coming over tomorrow after school, and very excited about it. Unless you don't need her. And I think we need to plan a game day. Maybe you can come over here to hang out sometime, too. Just for a change of scenery? My parents left today so I'm back in business!

  2. See if you can get a copy of the brochure and then when he's older you can show people. :) Oh wait maybe I'm the only one that evil.

  3. Good to hear all is going well. Larger bum hole (that sounds rude) is good too.

    I took my own cast off at about age 9. The doctor was an hour away and the roads were bad. January in Canada. My mom was afraid to go that far in stormy weather. After a week of begging, I got in the tub with a steak knife and cut it off. Two weeks later I made it to the dr. and needed another cast, it was healed :(

    Sorry for the novel!

  4. Glad to hear that the doctor's visit went well. I'm sure that he'll heal just fine. Glad to hear his bootie has more room too. :) Hope the month goes quickly.


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