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Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Months Old


The boys turned 7 months old on Tuesday. 7 MONTHS! Wow time really does fly. I think I hit the twin jackpot because they are just easy going happy boys. (Now that I've said that, things will change.) They play really well on the floor and with others. Butterfly is a great entertainer and they think she is the most wonderful thing besides Mommy. They will even not eat if she is in the room because they insist on watching her. Makes for interesting times at our house. They are starting to really notice each other and I hear them chatting to each other in their crib in the morning. Yes, they are still sleeping together in the same crib. I do have 2 cribs, both up even. But I find they sleep a little better with the other there. On the down side, they do wake each other up at night. Mostly I think it's Pirate waking Professor up who then cries. I go get Professor because I hear him and then Pirate cries like I've taken his best friend away. They are both getting up at night lately. I think they must be growing. They down at 5:30pm these days, up at 11pm, up at 3am, up at 5am and then up at 7am to start the day. And really, those moments of them being up is about 6 or 7 minutes and back down. I have been feeding them but not feeding them as long as they want at night. Occasionally they will skip one or all of the feedings depending on their sleep during the day.

Pirate is my happy happy boy. He still laughs all the time, but has been a little more serious these past few days. I think he's getting a little bit of separation anxiety because he cries whenever we leave the room. He still does not sit up. Nor does he have any interest in it. He is up on his hands and knees a lot rocking furiously. Most of the time he is also crying when he rocks. He so wants to be able to move! He does scoot back and back himself into corners or away from toys. He still does the superman move which is very cute. The only thing touching the floor is his belly and his arms and legs move furiously. I keep trying to get a video of this but my movies are chaos. Kind of like life right now.

He weighs 17.5 lbs and is 27.5 inches long. This is according to my scale and tape measure since no doctor visit this month. I really feel like he grew all of a sudden this month. He seems a lot bigger than Professor. His eyes are also going through some drastic change in color. They used to be a blue with a brown ring near the pupil. Now, the brown is spreading out through the rest of the eye. He will have brown eyes like Butterfly and Juice. His hair also grows straight down like Butterfly's did. Butterfly and Pirate have the same coloring. I imagine they will grow up looking quite similar. He is my little thumb sucker and it's just so cute! He has a major fascination with Professor's binkie and swipes it all the time.

Professor is a mama's boy. He does not like to be very far away from me. Since he is moving, he always moves in my direction. He still leans in my direction whenever someone else is holding him. And when I hold him, he hooks his arm around mine and holds onto my shirt for dear life. Like I said, he is a mover. He has the rolling around the floor thing down pat. He can get wherever he wants to by rolling. He also does the army crawl thing. Elbow, elbow, hip in the air with leg flung forward, drag other leg up. It's still very early in his crawling and he gets tired and frustrated more often than not but he does do it.

He is 16.7 lbs and is 26 inches long. With my tape measure. And all of his clothes on too. He has 2 teeth on the bottom and bright blue eyes. When we give him a bath, he just looks so bright after. His hair is that bright shiny blond. And he's got a serious cowlick that makes his hair go over to one side. He has discovered his tongue and it's almost constantly out of his mouth lately. He is pretty emotional and cries/talks/moans/screams more often than Pirate. He is fascinated with paper and cups. He really really wants a drink out of any cup you put near him. He also is in love with food. I have given them little bits of bread to gnaw on during dinner and he cries big sobbing tears whenever his bread is gone.

Cute cute boys!


PS- We got our first snow today! It fell but nothing stuck.

PPS- Still no other signs of mice. Hmm...maybe a fluke? Maybe they moved next door? Maybe word got around that Soot is a mighty mouse killer and they don't come over anymore? Please let one of these be the case. I'm sick of tiptoeing around the house.


  1. The boys are so cute! I love the new pictures! Glad to hear that the mice are not coming around anymore. I like the theory that all of the neighborhood mice got together and passed around the message to stay away from Soot's house.

  2. They are getting so big! And they are still just darling. :) Wow snow!?!?! It's going to be about 75 today! I miss weather.

  3. They look wonderful!!!!

    And, please tell Professor that I cry, too, when all my bread is gone. (If I could, I would tell the servers at my favorite restaurant to just give me a giant basket of bread and olive oil. Who needs the rest of the menu?)

  4. They are getting so big! The pictures are great. I love seeing them. Glad to hear the mice are gone. Soot's reputation must be legendary in the mouse world. :)

  5. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Thanks for the pictures. I print them out and show them to anyone interested in grandma photos. It's delightful that the boys are so intrigued by their big sister. You are doing a fine job of raising your family. gma

  6. Anonymous1:41 AM

    I love your descriptions of the boys, how cute! The mouse might have just been a fluke. Sometimes they get lost looking for food and aren't really living with you. We had a mouse in our house in Ohio right after we moved in (big surprise, since we built in a former corn field!) and put traps all over but never caught any more mice, only a chipmunk in the garage (such a sad story, poor chipmunk).

  7. What CUTE pictures!! I loved Madi at 7 months!!! It's such a fun age- mostly because she wasn't crawling but could totally play on her own and be happy!!! You've boys have grown up so fast!!


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