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Sunday, November 09, 2008



Today was our big regional meeting with our church. It's called Stake Conference. Last year, we went and I was pregnant with the boys. We sat behind a family with twin boys and an older girl. We watched them a lot seeing how our life will be in the future. Juice and I applauded the guy for coming by himself (as his wife was not around). We enjoyed speculating last year how things would be when our kids were their kids age.

This year, they sat in front of us! They had another boy younger than their twins and at first Juice thought they were triplets. Nope, just 3 very blond boys. They turned around to talk to us and we struck a little friendship up.

At one point, the 12 year old twin boys in our ward walked passed and I wondered at the fact that there were 3 sets of twins, 6 boys in total, within 2 rows. Pretty fun!

Since we had weird church today, the boys did not nap at the right time and they were ready for bed at 5pm. First, we took a few pictures out in the leaves. This was a mistake as every picture Professor is reaching for leaves, and then Juice is pulling them out of his mouth. It happened one too many times and he broke down sobbing. Poor kid. This picture I have was the very first picture. Before he discovered those tasty forbidden leaves! And poor Pirate and his flood pants. The kid grew again and now nothing fits him. So he wears too short pants until his belly grows again to accommodate size 12 month stuff. He's going to be long and skinny that one.

I'm hoping to go to bed early today. It's going to be a busy week!



  1. You may be waiting a long time for the waist to catch up to the height. We just ended up rolling the waist down once or twice to keep them on our little beanpole.

  2. I can certainly relate to the waist bands not fitting. All of my kids have been skinny and long-legged. Cute picture, by the way!


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