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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Round Up


We are having Butterfly's BFF Vinny and his family over for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am excited! I had planned out all week what I was going to do to prepare and make it easier on me. I'm thinking I just planned myself out a stressful week though because I am not even 1/3 of the way through my list. For lack of something else to say, here is my list: (bold I've finished)


Turkey (defrost starting Monday)
mashed potatoes, as soon as the turkey goes in
cranberry sauce, Tuesday
rolls, Wednesday
salsa, Wednesday
snack prep, Wednesday
veggie prep, Wednesday

clean living room
clean downstairs bathroom
put away favorite toys
dust tv
clean off extra table
wash table cloths
get out extra chairs
wash china serving dishes
clean out and pack up extra kitchen stuff (I have to explain this one. I typically take Thanksgiving week to go through my cupboards and put away things I have not used in a year or pull out the things I only use once a year. I also throw away things that are broken and we are holding on to for some odd reason. I also throw away old spices and clean as I go. I have not done this for several years so I had a lot to go through. Good news, I can now shut my junk drawer.)

pick out nice clothes for pictures

blog for today and tomorrow
go to bed early
set out games we want to play
run to post office

See? Lots still to do. But the important stuff is pretty much done. Except for the rolls which I'm avoiding doing by blogging here. Juice came home early because he just couldn't stand it anymore and will helpful in getting everything done. Or at least playing with the children so I can work.

Lala (Vinny's mom) is bringing desert, and a side dish and a green salad. Yay I don't have to think about those. Hope every one's Thanksgiving is as wonderful as I hope ours will be!


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  1. I am also removing lots of things from the kitchen--simply to have room for the people and all the food. I was also thinking of typing out my blog post for tomorrow early, so I don't have to think about it. :) Good luck with the rest of your to-do list. I've already got the pie and the fruit-jello salad down.


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