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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahhh, or is that arg?


We had another day at home today. I had nothing planned. I thought I would be able to play with the kids and have a nice day and hopefully get the boys 7 month old stats and pictures done. Well, the boys woke up at 5am, ate for half an hour or so and by the time I had gotten back into bed, Juice's alarm went off. Normally I just roll right back over and go right back to sleep but I thought I may as well get up and get going so I would have all of nap time to go through my emails. The boys were talking too so I figured I would just get everyone up. Apparently I sleep through their talking and wake up when they wake up AGAIN in the morning because I threw the schedule off.

They napped at 8am. Only for 45 minutes. Not long enough for me to do anything. Especially since I had to get Butterfly all situated and play with her for a few minutes, clean the kitchen from breakfast, wipe the floors down again and clean off the kitchen table.

They napped again at 11:30. But only for about 45 minutes again. I was trying to feed Butterfly and myself lunch when they completely melted down and she ended up eating by herself. Then I ate cold macaroni which is not my favorite. They were up and down until I put Butterfly down for a nap early at 12:15pm because I was DONE. And it was only noon.

I let them fuss/scream/sob for about 20 minutes while I took a moment to myself. I hate doing it, but frankly, I had to have a moment. If I didn't have a moment when they weren't hanging on me or Butterfly wasn't jumping on me or anything like that I was going to run screaming from the house. I tried putting the boys back down but no luck. So I got Butterfly up after an hour or so and we all came downstairs to try and get some pictures of the boys.

No luck. These guys were tired, cross. I think I might have been too because it frustrated me and I had to put the camera away.

And then the internet went out. Ugh. I hate it when the internet goes out because then I can't do anything really. Kind of sad how much I depend on the internet.

Not that I had any free hands to use the internet because the boys were cross and tired and only wanting to be held. Thank heavens my friend, we'll call her Lavender, came over after work. She is my kids eastern Grandma and she helped me so much by holding one of the boys so I didn't have to hold both. We had an adult conversation. Even better! I had a nice hour and half with her and then she left and Juice came home moments later.

The boys were all smiles and laughter for Juice. I started dinner, got the boys down, and ate. I helped Juice clean the kitchen again and then read Butterfly the same book 3 times. This is the first time I've had a chance to sit since my imposed break at noon. No wonder I am so tired and feeling a little frazzled.

My book club is tonight so hopefully I will be able to have a recharge with my friends. And Juice has Friday off since he traveled on Saturday so maybe I can get another recharge then too. I think I need it!


PS- No mice again today. We are bating the traps with peanut butter but nothing is disturbed. Either we're not putting them in a good place or they just aren't hungry. Juice is going to block off some holes before he leaves again in a week and we're going to get some no touch traps so I can at least set them out at night.

PPS- A very boring entry. Sorry. I'm feeling off.


  1. I had a completely blah day, too. Too bad I didn't pick up the phone and call you. ;) I'll see you soon! I SO need it.

  2. I've had those kinds of days. I didn't have twins but Sam and Lizzy are just 13 mos apart and there were days when I went from one crying baby to another.

    I hope you get some down time this weekend.

    MK xo

  3. I love that you keep it real. I feel the same way sometimes. You are amazing though and seem to have it together with 3 young kids. Way to go!!!

  4. yah, sometimes you just need time for YOU! I know allll about that! A little crying never hurt anyone!!! Hope tomorrow is better!!!

  5. thank heaven for your eastern grandma! what a blessing. isn't it amazing how one person and one conversation can change everything?

  6. If there was no action on the peanut butter you don't have mice. It's like catnip to them. Put one out on the deck, away from the house and see if they come to it. I bet they do.

    Sorry you feel so frazzled. Didn't seem too bad when we talked earlier :-)


  7. Hope the mice situation is getting better. They may have gone to your neighbors house since you live in a townhouse and everyone's connected. That happened in our old neighborhood. Hope you get some time to decompress. You deserve it!!!


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