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Monday, November 03, 2008

Not a Steller Day


I had something planned out for today's post. I can't remember though because it's been one of those days. You know the days where they fates seem to be against you.

It all started with the boys waking up at 6:30am. Oh how I hate daylight savings and the havoc it wrecks on my boys perfectly groomed sleeping schedule. I knew it would happen, but still. 6:30am?! It reminded me of the year that Butterfly was up at 5am every day. Not a fun year. Anyway, they were tired, clingy and Butterfly woke up cranky. (Not unusual. That child is not a good sleeper.)

A short hour later, the boys were screaming and rubbing their eyes as only babies can do. You know, the whole hand over the whole face/nose/eye area? And since they still have colds and are very snotty, we have snot encrusted faces. I put them down for a nap (after wiping as best I could) and take a quick shower. (They also rub on me and well, let's just say it's not pretty.) Butterfly is happiest because she gets to watch her movie at this time.

Shower over, movie over, naps over and now it's play time. Everyone was playing so nicely I thought I would try and make apple bread. Turned out yummy but I could never get the center to come out clean so I hope it's done. Either way, it's very moist. As I was cleaning up, I dropped my hand mixer on the floor. It still works, but rattles. Hmm... And shakes just a little. One day I would love to have a kitchen aid mixer but that won't be in this house.

The boys were ready for yet another nap so I got them down and Butterfly and I played go fish and animals. We also had lunch. She was still in her pjs. No big deal since it was nap time for her. And just as I get her into bed, the boys wake up. And they wake up cross. They want to be held. I changed 5 poopy diapers. They don't want to be put down. Why am I putting them down? Noooo!!!

All the screaming is punctuated with political phone calls. I can not wait until this election is over and I won't have to hear, "This is Governor Yahoist and I'm calling to tell you about option 2." for another year. Butterfly wakes up spiting mad and the boys are yet again rubbing snot all over.

I put them down for a short nap and end up having a huge battle with Butterfly about putting clothes on. See, Juice and I had a plan for tonight. We were going to go grocery shopping right after work. I was going to go pick him up (he took the bus this morning) and then we were going to go out. I was looking forward to having some time outside of the house. But that time does not include Butterfly wearing her pjs.

So huge fight ensues. It wakes up the boys who are cross because they did not sleep. Butterfly had at least 5 time outs in there and I physically had to yank clothes on to her limp and flaying body. All dressed. The boys in their car seats. Shoes on. And I can't find my keys.

I tore the house inside out and upside down looking for my keys. The boys are screaming in their car seats because I was hoping a car ride would put them out. Butterfly is whining at me "Let's go now Mommy! Why aren't we goooing?" Finally I call Juice and tell him I can't find my keys so just come home on the bus. Butterfly reacts to this news by pitching yet another fit (I want to go OUT! I want to go get Daddy! He has to stay at work so we can go get him! Why can't we go NOW?!) I pull the boys out of their car seats, change one more poopy diaper, and feel so stressed out. I put Professor to bed because he can't handle being up one more second and Juice comes home.

He finds my keys in the bottom of my bag in about 10 minutes. Ugh. I fish all of the paper out of Pirate's mouth and take him up to bed too. By that time, I crashed. I think I took a two hour nap. Juice is not happy with me because he had to do the dishes, feed and take care of the 3 year old, and he got out the high chairs for me. He did a lot of work in 2 hours, but it's nothing I haven't done already today.

I'm back off to bed in hopes that tomorrow we will all be in better moods. And hopefully we'll make it out to vote, to the post office, and to the grocery store. Hopefully Butterfly will let us.



  1. Oh boy. I am tired just reading about your day. I think our kids are just trying to create good material for us to blog about. They are making November one interesting month! I hope you get a good nights sleep and tomorrow is a much better day for you.

  2. Wow the November fates all hateful all over the country! I too am SOOO done with political phone calls myself. FYI your not the only evil wife I'm saddling ElCid with 7 kids while I go to a meeting :) Get some rest!

  3. That sounds a bit like our day . . . Madie was cranky and hyper and I had a massive headache and was cranky back with her . . . all in all, not a good day here either. Thankfully Lego came home (very late) and is now bathing her so I can get a break. Daylight savings sucks! I hope things level out for us all soon!

  4. At least they got the snot out for you. I'm still trying to suck it out of Nate's nose at least five times a day with not much success. It's like I need a vacuum to do it.

  5. Gosh, I really miss those sweet days of yesteryear with toddlers and babies....NOT! Today my 17 year old and I got up at 11 am and did some yard work, then had some lunch, had some alone time, took a nap, read the paper, he went to his fathers to watch the skin's get beat, I tried to figure out which louse is less lousyier than the other to vote for, then he came home at midnight and we read scriptures and prayed and he put himself to bed. Yep, I am missing those young mother days a lot! And I got a really sweet letter from my missionary son today too.

    Don't worry, if tomorrow isn't better I promise it will be in the future! :) Most of the whining stops for a few years before it starts again in the teens. You can do it, you are a great mom!

  6. Whenever I get the baby itch I just read posts like this and remind myself what it was like ;) It will get batter soon!


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