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Tuesday, November 04, 2008



Juice came home early today and Butterfly met him at the door. "Daddy, today is a special day! We are getting a new leader." Hopefully whoever it is, will be a good one.

I voted today. Juice voted today. We all voted at the same time. We walked down to our polling station with the dog because we are all about combining outings these days. The line was out the door, around the building, and swirled around on the side walk. As we got to the end of the line, people just coming out of the door were saying a 2 hour wait. Outside for most of it. I was never so grateful for the car seats for the boys because they block the wind. I stayed in line with them and Juice took Butterfly and Soot to the elementary school play ground and let both of them run off some steam. Look, another errand combined and checked off!

As I got closer to the door, they came back and joined me. We put Soot in her little dog carrying case and left her in the bottom of the stroller and took her inside with us. Yes, we took the dog voting. No one said anything. I don't even think anyone noticed. They were too busy looking at the boys and all the whining she did was over shadowed by the crying of the boys.

Which was not much. Really, all the kids were wonderful. I bribed Butterfly with a doughnut and she was pretty good. She mostly played but when her attention span ran out, she watched a movie on my ipod. When we got home, I told her thanks for coming to vote with me and she said, "But I didn't do anything." I think she was a little put out that she couldn't vote too.

Only about an hour of wait for us, and then it was walking back home and off to get free doughnuts. The parking lot was horribly packed (since there was a free coffee place in the same parking lot) and we waited in yet another line for our free doughnut. The manager came out and asked us to move the line inside. He stopped everyone after me and locked the doors. We got the last 2 doughnuts in the entire store. They were the good kind too, full of custard with chocolate on it! My favorite! By the time I got there, they were giving out one free doughnut per customer, not per I voted sticker. So I had to buy Butterfly's. As we were sitting there eating our yummy doughnuts, another mom asked me if we had just been voting. I recognized her from the line. We chatted a little bit, and she asked if I was going to go get some coffee. No, thank you. She mentioned that the ice cream place in the same shopping center was giving away free hot chocolate. Oh really? Another mom piped up and said that the grocery store was also offering 10% off your purchase with your sticker. Sweet!

We walked over to the ice cream place in which I totally lied to Butterfly. I told her that the peach ice cream was pink. (The peach was on sale...that is one expensive ice cream place!) It was sort of pink. Just not the pink one she was pointing to. She had ice cream, I had free hot chocolate and we were both worn out.

Home for naps (which everyone did for at least half an hour today) at the same time! Yay! The boys woke up pleasant and we played for a bit and I did some email. Juice came home and we went right out to grocery shopping because 10% off could be good!

Well, turns out you had to have a coupon for the 10% off so no money saving here but at least we were able to get some grocery shopping done. We also had hot dogs at the store so that was good. All in all, a very productive, very busy day.

Juice even rearranged the furniture in our dining area to accommodate 2 high chairs. He swept the floor even. I love him. :)



  1. Oh boy! Looks like I completely lucked out with no wait at the polls. I'm sorry you had to wait in such a long line, but thank goodness Juice was there! You got much better doughnuts than we did--ours LOOKED like the custard-filled kind, but they were just plain doughnuts w/o holes, and instead of chocolate on top, they had white frosting. They were VERY sweet. Yes, that whole plaza was packed. Amazingly, when we left KK, it was empty! It must have come in spurts.

  2. Wow! You got tons done today! George was very disappointed that Brian Williams did not win, that is who she was rooting for. She was delighted to get her Daddy's I voted sticker and showed it off to everyone who would look at her. :)

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    A very productive election day! My voting was much less of a production...no line and no Evie with me (I left her with gma and gpa) but I also didn't get any free stuff...I'm jealous! :)


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