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Monday, November 10, 2008

Day At Home


I declared today a stay at home day and I don't think I stepped foot outside the house. Butterfly did to wave hello to me out our front window when Juice came home. "I want to do what he did!" Other than that, we were inside. I did entertain the idea of going to the bank after the kids woke up from their afternoon nap and I even put clothes on Butterfly so we could do that. But she cried so hard about leaving. She asked me why we had to go and I said to get some things done. She then looked at me with her big brown eyes and tear streaked face and said, "Can't we get things done here?"

You bet! There's always something to do at home. Instead of running errands, we stayed home. I did a load of laundry, which made it into the dryer within an hour of being washed and was actually put away. You hear me right, there was no lingering longer in the basket.

I cleaned the front room in anticipation of friends coming over to play tomorrow. I even cleaned the black hole of our couch. It's where we dump everything when we come in and somehow, it never makes it out again. Well tonight it made it out.

I made baby food again today. I had three yellow squash on my counter for awhile and I wasn't sure what kind of squash they were. Well, I opened up the first one to find a mess of brown mushy goo. Ugh, that one had gone bad. The second one reveled they were spaghetti squash and I baked both of them for an hour. An hour to cool, one and a quarter into the blender with some water and I had 48 oz of baby food. Plus probably another 30 oz with the stuff I ran out of ice cube trays for that I will freeze tomorrow. I love making baby food.

I'm hoping to clean off my kitchen table and maybe clean my downstairs bathroom before bed tonight. I also talked to my BFF Mink for about 2 hours today. It's our bi-weekly phone call. She is about 4 weeks away from having baby girl #2 and I'm thrilled for her. Wish I was there though.

So yes, there is a lot to be done at home. Great idea Butterfly!


PS- Check out my friend Chef's blog for more links of our family pictures.


  1. I love productive days at home. I feel so good after those days. Today was not one of those for me....

  2. Oh wow. If you make your own baby food you're definitely one up on me! Cute that your little girl knows your boys names. Cash just calls both of them Phoenix by default.


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