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Saturday, November 08, 2008



A few days ago BOTH boys slept through the night. It was amazing. I'm not sure why I didn't blog about it before since it was the very first time that that had happened. They slept from 6pm-5am with a few squeaks and squirms but nothing they couldn't handle themselves. Around 11pm, I poked my head in to make sure they were both still living (yes, still do that) and they were right next to each other, facing each other, arms linked and tushes in the air. It was SO cute. I wanted to take a picture but I feared I would wake them up and then they wouldn't have this momentous occasion for the books. (I did not sleep through the night. I had to break out the pump around midnight and again around 3am for obvious reasons.)

I tell you this now to contrast it to my night last night. Juice and I had date night (Transformers and popcorn) and Professor woke up about 10pm to eat. Okay, we were just getting to the good part when Optimus Prime and MegaTron were fighting and I wrote the end of the movie. He ate quickly, and back into be for him. Juice has been sick so he took some nyquil and we went to be around 10:30pm. Midnight, Professor wakes up again. And as I'm feeding him and nearly falling out of the chair, Pirate starts to fuss and suck his thumb nosily. So I feed him after I'm done with Professor and get back into bed around 12:45pm. 1:15am, Butterfly wakes up crying because she is coughing so bad she can't sleep. I give her some cough medicine and soothe her back down. 3am, she wakes up again and wants more cough medicine. She gets a drink of water instead and some snuggle time. 3:30am, Professor wakes up for his food. 4:15am, just 15 minutes after I got back into my bed, Butterfly is up coughing again. I break out the vapor rub and hope that it helps her to sleep. She's out within a few minutes and I stagger back into bed. 6am rolls around and both Pirate and Professor are talking but happy. I feed them and fall back into bed. I believe around 8:30am all the kids woke up, but I was too groggy to notice the time. I got up close to 9am to get everyone and get the day started. So I got maybe 3 hours of sleep? I feel okay today but tomorrow I'm going to be hurting.

We drove to our old neighbor's house out in the country today and spent the afternoon with her. We love going to Ida's house! They have the biggest back yard and lots of animals to look at and play with. Juice, Ida, Butterfly and Ida's 2 dogs and our dog went out to play. I sat and fed the boys and watched tv. What a treat since we no longer have any tv. We had a yummy dinner of lasagna, salad, bread, and cake. I gave the boys crusts to maul while we ate and Professor ate 2 short pieces and cried when there was no more bread for him. They are so ready for food. (Soon, soon.)

Butterfly spent most of the evening playing with Ida's new dog gates. It has a little door in the gate for small animals to get through. Well, her dog and her foster dog are both small and can fit through that little door. So Butterfly made them go in and out all evening. They were so cute playing and the dogs were good sports. Soot would like a cat for Christmas because they have a few and she couldn't take her eyes off of them.

We left early in the evening because bedtime for kiddos is early. But it was good because I am exhausted and hopefully will get to bed shortly after this publishes.

Like now. Good night!



  1. Well, maybe you can get an afternoon nap tomorrow? Maybe? Sorry last night was so hard on you. I hope tonight is MUCH better.

  2. Anonymous10:56 PM

    When did you get rid of the TV?

    Leslie B.


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