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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Dairy


So awhile a go we joined my good friend Laura and her family at our dairy. We get milk from them every Friday. Typically we get 2 half gallons of skim, 4 half gallons of 2%, a half gallon of apple cider, and every other week a quart of buttermilk. Yes, we go through all of that in a week. (The buttermilk is for my waffles.) They also have some good butter, bread, yogurt, and meat. You can find out more HERE.

Anyway, every fall and spring they have a little festival. We had been once before and I remember it being small and nice. So I invited Laura along and we had so much fun! Read her account of it here. She did a lot more than we did because we were late getting out. And then we got stuck behind the truck painting lines on the highway. But we made it just in time for lunch!

Butterfly joined all the kids riding circles on the ride on toys they provided. Last time we went, she could have ridden around and around in that barn for hours and been happy. After lunch and some butter making, we headed off to the hay ride. In which I took a bunch of pictures for Laura of her family and Butterfly gave the guy next to me a heart attack by a perceived bouncing out of the tractor. She was fine, just kneeling down looking out a whole and the thing bounced and he thought she was going to go flying out. I figured he made a good point and made her put her feet on the ground which made for a less than enjoyable ride for her. But safer. We like being safe.

After the hay ride, we opted for some ice cream from their store and watched them milk some cows. By then, the boys were ready to go home. We barely touched on what they had to do but we decided now would be a good time to go. Still, it was great and will be going their next year!

We stopped by our old neighbor's house and hung out for a bit on our way home. They live near there and every time we are in their neighborhood (really, only for this) we stop and say hello. It was nice to visit with them!


PS- Looking through the pictures to post some, I realize that we have absolutely NO pictures of Professor the entire day. He was asleep strapped to Juice's chest tucked in his coat and never woke up until the end. It's hard being the 3rd kid.


  1. I think I may have passed that creamery a couple of times. I never knew they did little fun festivities there. Here I thought I knew everything to do that was "out and about" in the DC area. ha!
    Too bad about your voting lines (from post below), but glad it turned out to be just one hour long instead of two. Can't believe how quickly those boys are growing. It's amazing!

  2. It was a very fun day. The kids want to go back next year.

  3. That last picture is like a calendar! Sometimes I truly wish we lived in a more picturesque and family friendly place!


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