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Sunday, November 02, 2008



Two days late, here are our Halloween pictures. We did not go out trick or treating on Halloween night because everyone was sick. We just stayed home and passed out candy to the four or so groups that came by. Everyone went to bed early.

Actually, I suppose these pictures are from the night before at our church's trunk or treat. We had so much fun! The whole parking lot was almost full and we were able to go around some with Butterfly's best friend Vinny. She has A TON of candy. We had some apple cider, talked, laughed and went home in about an hour. Poor Pirate was crying pretty much the whole night though. I thought maybe his teeth were finally coming in (gums are very swollen and I see the teeth, just nothing poking out) but I think he was just starting to get sick.

Still, it was enough trick or treating for Butterfly. The boys were pirates originally, but were bears for this night because it was cold out. Thanks Nana Great for these cute coats which doubled as cute costumes!

Butterfly was her white princess that she insisted on. Juice wore his man in black costume and got everyone saying Princess Bride quotes. I was going to wear my big blue dress because I figured I wouldn't be nursing there but I ran out of time and just threw on my cowboy hat. Good thing too because Pirate needed some food before we went home. What a great time!



  1. I'm glad that Butterfly got her trick or treating in the night before everyone got sick. Thanks for lending us Toto for the evening. It finished off Kimberly's costume very nicely. :) I think I still need to send you a copy of a picture, don't I?

  2. Anonymous12:45 AM

    too adorable! Butterfly makes a very cute white princess...definitely not "bridey." :)

  3. Sorry everybody is sick!! There are so adorable in their costums!

  4. Omgoodness ... they are so cute!


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