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Sunday, November 23, 2008



Yesterday morning I had the great opportunity to serve. I have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately. Just going crazy by the constant need of three small children and the rising desire to change my name from Mommy and run away. I do love being a Mom and really it's all I wanted to do (that and raise and ride horses) but it's a draining job.

My church has started joining in with our community and doing the Share Program. Basically, you perform 2 hours of community service in a month and you are able to get discounted groceries. We did it last month and it was really great to have these groceries supplement our food bill. I actually forgot about it last month but luckily the ladies in the ward looked out for me and delivered it to our house.

This month, I was determined not to forget and showed up at the church at 7am. They put me right to work. I bagged meat for awhile, and then helped another lady put labels on peach pies that we got. I listened to my fellow workers and they talked about the economy, their willingness to help with whatever (or their teenagers lack of willingness to help) and we even sang a few Christmas songs. (And with me being the only white person in the group, these songs were rocking and beautiful!)

It was great. I left with my 2 bags of groceries and a hugely relaxed heart. I felt renewed, recharged. Something that I have been searching for this past week and not finding it. Nothing seemed to help and I always came away from these things feeling anxious and sad. But this was different. This was uplifting, different, easy. I came home with a bounce in my step, renewed patience and love for my family. And all it took was half an hour.

I had such a good time I am thinking of taking Butterfly with me next time. She would love to put things in bags and it would be a good way to show her some service. And hopefully we will both come home loving life.



  1. ooh! I might like to do that, too. I did the share program the 1st month and wasn't convinced that it was saving me money (based on what I buy and quantities and all that). But I'm slightly curious to try it again. I like the idea of bagging stuff with the other volunteers.

  2. Nothing lightens the heart like serving others. You forget yourself for a while, then things are better.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    When you are "on call" with the unending demands of your family, remembering to take time to "recharge." Moments of change make you a better mother. gma

  4. you live in a cool community

  5. That sounds like a really neat experience. I'm glad you had a good time. I can't believe the boys are 7 months old!!! Time sure does fly.

  6. How did you find out about that? I wonder if they have the same thing here. I feel the same way, sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes to help someone else and really it helps you.


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