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Friday, November 28, 2008

I See Now


I see now why parents of twins end up getting 2 of the same toys for their kids. It was not something I completely understood until this very moment.

You see, I got a small package in the mail today. It was a free sippy cup from a juice company. They only sent one. Well I've been letting the boys play with it by having one play with the lid and one play with the cup. It worked out great until I decided to be all cool and put a small green plastic ball on the inside of the cup and shut the lid. I showed the boys how to shake the cup and make the ball move around. Professor was most interested in it and immediately grabbed it out of my hands to play with it.

Then I looked at Pirate. Just sitting there. No toy. So I grabbed another green plastic ball and gave it to him. He took it in his hand. Our eyes met. His expression said, "What is this? You expect me to play with this little thing and you let him have that?" He looked at Professor with his cool cup. He dropped the ball and managed to maul Professor for the cup.

Toy wars begin!

Luckily Professor is as enchanted with the plain green ball. Even more so because he is currently crawling around the room chasing after it.

And of course, the cup is forgotten and Pirate is complaining that he can't get around the room and chase a ball too.

More on Thanksgiving tomorrow!



  1. Toy wars happen with kids of the same gender but different ages too. My girls fought over some of the silliest things to me but it was important to them!

  2. Aw, yes, they're aware enough now to fight over toys. Oh boy! Well, at least you know that for Christmas you can just buy 2 of each thing, right?

  3. You can buy them the EXACT same toy and they will still fight over one of them. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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