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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Eating and Recovery


Thanksgiving was great! We had such a good time and had a bunch of good food. The turkey turned out perfectly (see picture). We had an impressive spread and enjoyed every bite. Butterfly and Vinny ate well. Well, Butterfly only wanted to eat cranberries (and probably ate 4 servings of it) and Vinny only wanted to eat butternut squash. And neither would touch the other. I had a great meal. It could have been relaxing.

Only that Lala and I decided to feed our babies solid foods for the first time. For all 3 of them. Mimi is just a few weeks older than my boys. We really didn't plan that for dinner time, they were just all hungry at the same time. So out come the sweet potatoes and the mess! I have to admit, I have been putting off feeding the boys solid foods. They were interested, they had had little bites. I just didn't want to go into the realm of actual solid foods because of the mess. But I am over that hurdle and on we go to solids! They both ate the entire bowl of sweet potatoes and were asking for more at the end.

Today was a little less messy because they learned quickly to keep their hands out of the way of the spoon or they don't get the spoon. Of course, Professor then sticks his hands in his mouth and manages to get it all over everything. Ahh...reminds me of Butterfly! Pirate is turning out to be a tidy eater and hopefully that will stay true.

Anyway, we got the kids ready for bed and put Vinny and Mimi (Vinny's baby sister) in Butterfly's room. Vinny had the bed and Mimi had our pack and play. We then put Butterfly and the boys in the boys' room. The boys are still sleeping in the same crib and our other crib is up. The boys in their crib, and Butterfly in her old crib. She was thrilled to be sleeping in the same room with them. It also reminded me how big she has gotten. The crib seemed to swallow her up when she was a baby, and now she barely fits in it.

One funny story about them being together. Each time one of them cried, she would pipe up "A baby is crying Mommy!" as loud as she could and they would both stop crying. There was one point when I heard shrieks of laughter coming from their room. I sent Juice up to tell everyone to go to bed. He asked her if she was playing with the baby brothers. She said no. He said to go to sleep. She said, "But Pirate isn't asleep. He wants to play." Uh-huh. You aren't playing with them huh? In the end, they all ended up sleeping. Even Vinny and Mimi slept.

The adults, on the other hand, did not. After we cleaned up a bit and started a load of dishes, we played card games. One specific card game. We love this game. It is hysterical! (If you want to get Juice something for Christmas, we do not have 3, 5, 6, or 7. Just a hint.) In what game can you have shiny false teeth of doom or mutilate Santa's body to go up a level? We stayed up till 12:30am playing this game. Poor Juice kept getting cursed (there's a chicken on your head! loose one small item! this item is now useless but stuck to you!, you have to be generous and give away your stuff!) and yet he still won the game 5 of the 8 times we played. Everyone won at least once. Everyone had a dismal game somewhere in there. And every laughed till we cried at one point.

A big thanks to Lala, Vinny, Mimi, and MP for making this a crazy fun Thanksgiving!

The day after...ah the day after. We put up our tree. We opened a great box from my mom with our yearly Christmas ornaments and treats. Music to listen to, Christmas pjs for the kids, and caramel hot chocolate. My mommy loves me. This stuff is AMAZING and I think I had 3 cups yesterday.

In the Christmas box is a kids nativity that Butterfly had to play with instead of hanging up ornaments. Oh she hung a few up, but she "had important people to play with." The boys stare at the tree every time we turn the lights on. Pirate was especially interested in the ornaments and really really really wanted to eat each one. Professor liked the tree skirt. It's sparkly.

Now excuse me while I go have another cup of this and listen to my music. Thank you.



  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I love the pictures of the boys eating their sweet potatoes. What a memorable day to start them on foods...officially! I'll have to check out that game next time I'm over.

  2. Sooo, Professor has sweet potatoes around his eyes and Pirate does not. How do you figure he's the clean one?

    looks like the turkey came out real well. Happy for you on that one. We, of course had drama here. LOL



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