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Friday, November 07, 2008

Yay Spontenaity!


If you take 2 hours, a beautiful day in Maryland, one cute family, one talented friend/photographer, and one favorite fields, you get this:
And these are just the tips of the ice burg my friends. Chef (as she has changed her names on her blog) is SO GOOD!!

I know you want to. Just stare at them for awhile. I will be joining you. ;)



  1. I am so glad you like them! Granted, I only even showed you my favorite 43 or so. Haha! I can't wait to see which ones are your favorites (other than these 3...) And I can't wait to show them off, too! Today was perfect!

  2. That one of you two together is especially good. They came out awesome. Your friend is very talented. Wish I had a friend like that. Can't wait to see which ends on the Xmas card this year.

  3. Absolutely adorable!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Really, really beautiful pics!

  5. wow Catherine! You and your family look gorgeous! You look like your glowing!


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