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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 1 November 1


Tada! November is here! And we started off this month with a bang. A huge cold that is. Both the boys have had a temperature of 101 with medicine, and Butterfly had one of 100 before we went to the doctor. Yes, I took them to the doctor. 20 minutes and 40 dollars later, they have a cold. It was good to go because they were SO miserable. But I kind of suspected they had a cold. Either way, they are feeling better after a second night of no sleep (I am feeling worse...no sleep + cold germs = mommy's sick) but at least they are playing a little bit today and Butterfly is up to her normal antics.

So, a few things about this month. There were a bunch of activities this summer that I never posted on. There have been a few this fall that you have never seen. So a few times I week I plan on doing that. I also want to show off a little bit of my photos so that will probably be once a week. And other than that, we'll just see how it goes.

In sidebar news, (that thing to your left) please become a follower of my blog. Thanks. :) I have updated pictures. Aren't they GREAT? Butterfly is going through a no picture of me phase so I'm happy I caught one of her smiling.

The boys' pictures are from my good friend Laura. We decided to do a mini photo shoot of the boys to see if I could help combat the low light blur somehow. The day was perfect to try that. It was rainy and cold with not a lot of light. Laura got better pictures than I did with her cool flash.

I got 2 good ones. It's so fun to have twins! Sadly, no pictures of Butterfly with them like I kind of wanted. She is not willing to cooperate right now for pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to get one soon for our Christmas card. More on that another day. (Gotta spread out the posts somehow!)

Halloween pictures tomorrow. I just couldn't wait to put these up. See you tomorrow!



  1. Oh, I just love those boys, and I love those pictures! I am still waiting to share them on my blog. :) I am finding that I have way too much to say today. I hope there's no rule against posting MORE than once a day. Haha!

  2. Pace yourself! :) It's all exciting right at the beginning and then about day 11 you're wondering what in the world to say!

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    so cute! love the pics you caught, and the ones in the basket are adorable.

  4. Those pictures of the boys are SO CUTE!!!! Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

  5. Adorable pictures! I no what the no picture phase is like -- that is why I love doing storyboard so I can get a picture of each together, but not together, kwim?


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