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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Facebook=Time Warp


Apparently I am neglecting my in box. I have 2 accounts I frequent, and one has 75 messages I have yet to read and one has over 250. I hope nothing is important that I'm missing! Where has all of my email time gone? I have two theories. One is the boys are bigger and need more of my attention. Theory two is that Facebook is evil. I'm going with theory two.

I just showed Juice an old friend on Facebook and then we spent the next hour and a half looking for his old friends. And looking at family profiles. Will he get his own profile? Nooo...so I'm friends with his friends so he can hear what's going on with them. I do vaguely know these people since we all went to high school together. And one friend I remember holding hands with my BFF at the time in my basement. I think this is the boy that we broke our close friendship over. Hmm...I wonder if she has a Facebook account.

No! Must sleep! Need to leave Facebook alone! Any of you guys out there want to be my friend?



  1. Ahh, yes, the Facebook timewarp! There is something so satifying about finding people you haven't heard from in years, though. It's a great way to keep in contact, but it is a great time-waster, too, if you let it.

    I'm already your friend. :)

  2. Facebook is great, but I have to keep it to a minimum or I waste way too much time. I love that I am now in touch with so many old friends.

  3. What a stinker! ElCid won't get an account either but I won't be friends with his friends I don't know too. I try to limit my time there or yes my housework would go even MORE neglected.


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