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Friday, January 29, 2010



Today was a better day. Not a great day, just better than the past ones have been. Juice came home early as he often does on Fridays. He was able to cheer us up before naps. The boys were pretty miserable off and on today. Mostly it's been Pirate who has been screaming today so that's been a change. I think they both have a miserable cold.

Nuts. I hate it when the kids are sick.

While the boys napped and Butterfly played on the Wii, I just chilled out. Juice was in charge of the kids and I did nothing but poke around on the Internet and wonder why it takes me two tries every time to log into twitter.

Once the boys were up I got out my amazing steam cleaner and cleaned my kitchen. I steamed out my microwave...awesome. I steamed my counters, my sink faucets, the screen above the stove, and the floors. In half an hour. Seriously in love with the Oreck.

Juice picked up all the toys (and there were MANY) and vacuumed the house. I feel so much better with the house picked up and everything tidy.

Everyone went to bed early and Juice and I had a nice date on the couch watching a movie about John Keats. Okay, I had a nice time. I think he tolerated the movie for my sake. He's so nice.

We're off on an adventure tomorrow. We decided this after both the boys were hugging their coats and hanging on the door crying. Poor little Professor kept saying, "Ouuu? Ouuu? Ouuu?" Hopefully we won't freeze to death while being 'ouuu'.



  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    It helps to have someone else lighten your routine. Remember your doctor said "get help" when he found you were having twins. I think that is still important. We try to help your s.i.l. one or more times a week. Gma

  2. Are you going geocaching??

  3. Have fun (and be safe) going "ou" today! I'm braving the snow to take T out for his b-day!


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