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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Time with Family


I spent this morning with my parents.  We tried to go out to breakfast at the cool outdoor store but they don't open until 10am.  My kids can't wait that long for food!  So we ended up at a burger place and enjoyed ourselves. 

My BFF Mink and her two girls, Spider and Fair, came over and we had a fun afternoon playing with them.  My nephew Cappy came to spend the afternoon too.  So we had Butterfly, Spider, Cappy, Pirate, Professor, and Fair all running around.  Fun!  We had lunch together and then the boys went to down for their naps.  Mink and her kids and Butterfly and my Mom all went to the furniture store and wandered around.  We got the girls ice cream cones.  I got Butterfly a night light for here since she says it's too dark to go potty at night.

Speaking of night, Professor woke me up 3 times crying.  He just wanted to be reassured where he was.  The Butterfly woke me up snoring.  She has a cold and I'm sad I couldn't see my sister in law tonight!

We did see Juice's family tonight and that was awesome.  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins.  I talked to Flower and I miss having her at my house.  She'll have to come again soon!

I feel like I've been running hard all day long so I'm off to bed.  More running tomorrow and hopefully some pictures!


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  1. we miss you..*sniff sniff*. /afk to have a tantrum


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