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Monday, January 04, 2010

Not Me!


I thought I'd try something different this week and join in on MckMama's blog carnival called "Not Me Monday". Confessions of the things I didn't do today. Nope. Didn't do them.

I did not sleep in until after 8am today. Neither did Juice. He was not late in the slightest. And was not bothered by it since he's only working 2 days this week.

I did not make the kids play this morning instead of getting ready. Nope. I was on top of everything and was able to calmly walk out the door to run my 80 errands. I even made it home in time to give the kids a nice home cooked meal instead of eating fast food in the car. Again.

I did not decide to skip half of my errands in favor of nap time. And during that nap time, I was totally able to get phone calls made, deliveries stopped, and the house picked up. I did not spend most of my time reading my book and playing Zuma on the computer.

I did not bribe Butterfly into going to her dance lesson tonight. I also did not threaten to stop all kinds of lessons (swimming included) if she would just get off the floor and put her dance clothes on! I also was able to run a few errands during Butterfly's dance class. I did not just sit and talk to my friend the whole time.

I did not burn dinner and make it inedible. I did not spend my dinner time getting little boys ready for bed and into bed instead of eating. I did not keep remembering my to do list and stewing over how much I had to do before I left. I did not make myself sick to my stomach over it and decide that eating is over rated anyway.

I left my 4 year old at home so she could get a good night's sleep. I did not keep her out until 9 o'clock at night running errands with me because she wanted to pick out something special for the trip. I did not spend the rest of my cash savings on frivolous trip toys that will be lost and forgotten once we get off the plane.

I did not try and stuff everything we need for 6 days and 5 people into 3 carry ons. I did not give myself a head ache while packing. I kept on task and was able to focus on one person at a time and make sure that all the essentials are included. I did not curse under my breath when I realized that we had lost Butterfly's headphones. Nor did I tear my clean house apart looking for those headphones. Nor am I going to go to the store tomorrow and BUY new ones because I just can't look for them anymore! Because Butterfly is totally going to wear the ones that hook over your ears. They are so comfortable!

I did not stay up way too late trying to pack and not finish. I have not re-counted my to do list 4 times and add two more things to it, bringing the total to 9. I did not just count my packing list. I have tons of room and surely I can fit 35 more things into a small bag. And it's not going to be a pain to haul this, plus children with no stroller, through the airport.

I am so ready to go.



  1. If it makes you feel better, today I did NOT neglect my child all morning to try and fix the stupid computer, and I did NOT sleep in until 8am because I felt like it. Where are you going on your trip? Have a fun time wherever it is! And BTW Tyler calls your boys "the babies" in Nursery. They are the ONLY ones he calls the babies. He likes giving them hugs too, and apparently he asked one to say the prayer on snack a couple of sundays ago...

  2. Sound slike an exciting day! Heehee! I NEVER have days like that! :)


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